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Leftist High Court Decides To Boycott 50th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of Yehuda And Shomron

Israel High Court of Justice President Miriam Naor has decided that she will not participate in the event marking 50 years since the liberation of Yehuda and Shomron from Jordanian occupation in the June 1967 Six Day War. The anniversary event is set to take place in Gush Etzion on Wednesday, 7 Tishrei. As a result of her decision, High Court Justice Neil Hendel canceled his planned appearance, Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) reports.

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin responded, stating the justices of the High Court should be excluded from being invited to government events.

Levin added, “The political views of the heads of the judicial system were revealed today, most clearly, with the unprecedented and shameful decision of the Supreme Court justices not to participate in the state ceremony for 50 years of settlement. For anyone who had a doubt, the political leanings of the justices is now clear, left-wing, as is reflected in their rulings that repeatedly harm the settlers and the settlement enterprise.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotevely added that she too is against Naor’s decision, which she calls a poor one, one that mocks the national history of the nation.

Earlier this week, the European Union Ambassador to Israel announced he too will not be participating in the ceremony.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. These clowns are appointed, Not Elected, if I am mistaken. Right? If that is the case, somebody had better UN- appoint them. They did not just reveal their left-wing bias right now, it has been revealed many times over for quite some time now. But at least at fantasy level, it would be nice if this latest hateful gesture would finally get them hoisted by their own petard as the saying goes.

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