WATCH: Neturei Karta Protestors Confronted At The United Nations


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(Photos by JDN)

As usual, Neturei Karta activists were protesting against Israel at the United Nations General Assembly last week in New York City.

In the attached video, NK leader Rabbi Yisroel Dovid (Achmed) Weiss is asked “Are you insane?!” after saying “Israel should be dismantled…it is a rebellion against the Torah.”

Another protester is asked to explain why Neturei Karta is “not a Chillul Hashem.”

Neturei Karta has in the past met with and embraced world leaders who call for the destruction of Israel, such as former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


  1. I know the person who was doing most of the speaking in this clip. In all interpersonal interactions, he is a baal middos and a true soft spoken gentleman. In a personal issue, he will always give in to the other person in a magnanimous way. He is doing this because he truly believes it is correct. I don’t agree with him or with The Netura Karta. But this individual means well.

  2. If Neurei Karta didn’t exist, YWN would have to invent them. How about stopping your obsession with them (and anyone else you disagree with)? Your coverage of their absurd antics legitimizes them. And you haven’t gotten them to stop yet! Maybe try ignoring them.

  3. @ hubby.nurse. So you’re saying that everybody always means well and there is no such thing as not meaning well. I disagree. So let’s define meaning well.

    My definition is to be intending to promote peace and kindness and an abundance of goodness for the people of the world.

    What that The Nazi’s intent? No! Is that this man’s intent? Yes! He clearly says (although the interviewer twists his words, and refuses to accept this this man is sincere) that he want to prevent bloodshed, although he doesn’t claim to know the answer of what to do to achieve this, as he clearly stated. He believes that the state of Israel causes bloodshed, as many of the wars they fought actually did cause, and he doesn’t believe that occupying the land is a case worthy of losing lives. He believes that to bring back the pre – Israel situation with the Arab world, in which Jews lived among Arabs peacefully, should be our aim, rather than losing lives for the purpose of having our own sovereignty in Israel before the coming of Moshiach. He believes that letting the Arab world know this could save lives. The interviewer lied and said that this man was calling for the destruction of Israel. Let him win his argument without lying. If in order to show that he’s right he needs to twist his opponents words, it doesn’t speak well for his cause.

    Again, and for the sake of clarity, I don’t agree with The Neturei Karta. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have an honest discussion. To compare (or even not to compare, as you disclaim) this fine man to The Nazi ym’sh. is dishonest.