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Justice Minister Shaked Hosted By Nachal Chareidi Rabbonim

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked conducted a visit to the Netzach Yehuda Association, which accompanies chareidi soldiers in the IDF, during which she met with the rabbis of the organization. Shaked also met with Battalion rav, Rabbi Shaul Avdiel, IDF officers, graduates of the battalion and businessman David Hagar, who is a senior supporter of the recruitment of chareidi men in the IDF, and spoke with them about the problems faced by chareidi youths who decide to enlist in the military.

The rabbis of Netzach Yehuda took advantage of the visit to thank Shaked for her support of chareidi soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces. Shaked was awarded a special recognition for her work on behalf of chareidi military personnel, including her dealing with those who attack them.

Rabbi Yitzchok Bar-Chaim told the justice minister: “Once a soldier who comes to a chareidi neighborhood was not subject to attack. Today, he and his family become targets of incitement by the extremist factions, which also harms the soldier and his extended family in matters of matchmaking and children’s education. Not only in places like Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh but also in Ashdod, Haifa, Netivot and more.”

Another issue raised in the meeting is the problem of the lone soldiers, dozens of soldiers who are not actually in contact with their parents on the one hand, and the other cannot accept the status of a lone soldier from the army. This true in part because the army demands that their parents sign the documents while the parents refuse to cooperate.

On the other hand, even those who are recognized as lone soldiers cannot enjoy the benefits involved because they include living in Beit HaChaiyal, where the conditions are not suitable for the chareidi lifestyle. Netzach Yehuda has a number of apartments in Jerusalem – where soldiers can live during their military service.

Minister Shaked thanked the rabbis for their work on behalf of the soldiers and said after the visit that “Netzach Yehuda has great merit in recruiting chareidim into the IDF in recent years, and will do everything possible for chareidi soldiers serving in the IDF and encouraging them to serve in the public service in the years to come.

“Having chareidim in the employment market is a primary interest of the State of Israel and it is its duty to care for its workers.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Having chareidim in the employment market is a primary interest of the State of Israel and it is its duty to care for its workers.
    I thought the reason the government wants chareidim to serve in the army is because it is their obligation to take part in the defense of the country. and they “need” them
    tends to make one think what is their real goal

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