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Kinneret Measures A Half Centimeter Increase – The Situation Remains Dire

The Kinneret Water Authority reports that as a result of the rainfall during recent days, the Kinneret measures a 0.5-centimeter gain from Monday, measuring on Tuesday morning 15 Teves at minus 214.36. This means the water lever is 5.56 meters (18.24 feet) from the full level!

For those who remember, the shore of the Kinneret has expanded considerably during recent years as the situation worsens.

Water Authority officials explain the lack of adequate rainfall during the past four successive winters has left a dire situation. The lack of rainfall has left a shortage of fresh water amounting to 2.5 billion cubes of water, of which 900 million are missing from the Kinneret.

In an average month of December, the level increases 20 centimeters and an additional 30 centimeters in January, totaling 50 centimeters in two months, or 19.6 inches. This past December, there was no change, and this despite the fact almost all pumping of water from the Kinneret to the national carrier has ceased.

This year, the Kinneret’s increase from both December 2017 and January 18th to date, amounts to 1.5 centimeters, a far cry from the average and what is required.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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