Gerrer Chassidus Forbids Volunteering In Various Hatzalah Organizations Due To Non-Kosher Devices


The Gerrer Chassidus has decided in recent days, after feverish discussions, that children of anyone who volunteers in MDA, the police or Hatzalah will not be accepted into Mosdos affiliated with the Chassidus.

According to sources in the chassidus, this is a regulation intended mainly for avreichim under the age of 30.

Sources confirm to YWN that this does not involve Gerrer Chassidim who volunteer for United Hatzalah, but rather for the various Hatzalah organizations which operate under Magen David Adom.

The reason for this latest ban is the mobile phones which are used when responding to emergencies. Apparently, the devices used by United Hatzalah have previously been approved by the Gerrer Rebbe, but the devices used by others – called the MDA App – have not been approved as they are “not Kosher”.

A sources tell YWN that there is no change in the status of Gerrer Chassidim who are volunteers with United Hatzalah.

Parents will be asked to sign a commitment form in the next few days, that they are not volunteers in any of these organizations and that if they do so, they are out of the community and their children will not be permitted in the schools.

This is an unusual step because volunteerism in these organizations has long been considered acceptable in the chareidi tzibur, and there are young people who do so as a form of national service that replaces mandatory military service.

Interestingly, the person who heads the health system in Israel is MK Yaakov Litzman, a member of the Gerrer Chassidus.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. As a Paramedic on MDA and United Hatzalah of Israel (Ichud Hatzalah) I this is unbelievable and not right, Mda has app for calls (unlike radios like places in the US) if you don’t wont internet (like I don’t have) I have it blocked. I need a Smart Phone for the Mda App Gps.. Only so I can help others in need not because I want the smart phone. So let them make a Kosher Phone with the App and the problem will be solved. Also, I believe each Shul should have at least One member in case something happens which is now not in the Gererr Communities .

  2. looks like not every one in Ger is menchlich and are about to go OTD. So much so that if a bocher do not put his pants inside his socks, he will be kicked out of the group.

    Conform to the stringent group rules or be excluded – this is avodas haShem?

  3. First things first:
    MDA & Ichud Hatzalah are not best of friends, not sure of the reason or source, I’m wondering if that is a reason behind this announcement.

  4. Ok so maybe these organizations won’t answer calls coming in from gerrer chasidim. I think all you’ll need is 1 dead person and that’ll be the end of this takanah

  5. Wait! So if the father does not want to stop volunteering, and according to Ger hes doing something wrong, why is the kid murdered by being thrown out of yeshiva?!!? What did the kid do to deserve this? I dont get it.

  6. Because threatening to throw your kids out of school is the classic way to force people to not do things in frum communities.

  7. Well, then, Gerrer Chassidim better not call for MDA, had they? Absolutely disgusting, insulting & insane. These volunteers put their lives on hold to save other people, day & night. I am so sickened by this obsession with devices, while all the time Ger is fighting other Chassidim and Chilonim. Tell me, which is worse: owning a smartphone or physically assaulting other Jews?

    I am so glad I am not affiliated in any way with Ger. I have nothing but contempt.