Aryeh Deri Summoned To A Din Torah Against Deportation Of Illegal Aliens


Shas party Chairman Minister Aryeh Deri has been summoned to a din torah regarding his policy vis-à-vis the expelling of illegal aliens from the country. According to a report filed by Oriyah Elkayam for Kan News, the din torah is scheduled to take place n Monday, 4 Adar 2778. Deri was summoned after he decided to deport a sizable number of illegals from Israel.

It is reported that Dr. Ori Weiss has summoned Deri to the din torah, for he feels the expulsion of thousands of Eritreans and Sudanese aliens is prohibited because of “לא תסגיר עבד אל אדוניו” as well as being the spilling of blood ( שפיכת דמים).

Deri was summoned to the Halichos Olam Beis Din affiliated with Badatz Beit Yosef. Members of the beis din include HaGaonim Rav Baruch Shraga, Rav Yitzchak Cohen and Rav Shmuel Pinchasi.

Dr. Weiss maintains, “The Israeli government, led by the interior minister, has decided to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda from countries such as Eritrea and Sudan. They fled from the dangers of death, enslavement, and torture. Now the Israeli government has decided to deport these refugees to Rwanda. After reaching an agreement with Rwanda that it would receive money. In Rwanda, these refugees are in danger of death and torture. This is in complete contradiction to the prohibition of ‘You shall not betray a servant to his master.’ (‘לא תסגיר עבד אל אדוניו’)

“The Talmud, as is well known, asks: What is its standardization, and he answers: “Your people dwell in your midst” (Gittin, 45a), and so instead of our people settling among us, the government is about to deport them to Rwanda.

“Rwanda did not promise these refugees citizenship, and it is a country that does not fulfill the 6 Noahide Laws, and it is a country where genocide took place in which about eight hundred thousand people were massacred, but about 20 years ago.

“At the end of his speech, Weiss asks the dayanim: “To order the prohibition against deporting asylum seekers or imprisoning them or threatening them with incarceration, and also to ask the Honorable Court to prohibit the Minister of the Interior from preempting deportation or threatening a beis din decision on this matter.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is perverting Halacha in order to harm Yidden.
    These illegals came for jobs & money and ended up making Yidden’s life miserable.
    Crime in their areas went up dramatically, rape, theft & burglary are at an alltime high.
    Calling a devoted politician to a Din Torah for his private petty gains is the height of perverting justice.
    Shame on this fellow!

  2. Why is “thousands” different than a single person? If it is prohibited it is prohibited for one as for a thousand. But in any case, implicit in using “You shall not betray a servant to his master” is that he is calling these people slaves (not “servants”). And clearly and blatantly he is also calling African countries basket cases. (name a single African country that follows the seven Noahide commandments? In fact, name one European country.)

  3. Israel has taken a troubling stance on these Africans’ status. It’s supposed to interview them and determine who deserves refugee status, asylum, or a swift kick out of the country. Instead, it used a loophole in the rules to treat the entire population as entitled to basic protection pending use of the lawful procedure. This done, it closed off the southern border and then sat on its hands. So there’s no telling whether almost any member of this population, let alone an individual, is a true refugee, a sort-of refugee, or an illegal alien. As for taking Deri to Din Torah, one wonders about the propriety of seeking a psak that is totally non-binding.

  4. Yidl613 it’s not perverting justice to bring a matter to beis din! Do you know the meaning of the words you are using? Let the Dayanim mumchim decide whose side the Halacha is on.