Rabbi Lau Issues Instructions To Cease Public ‘Aneinu’ Prayers


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Israeli Chief Rabbi, Rabbi David Lau issued a directive to the Israeli public allowing them to cease the recitation of the penitent prayer for rain known as Aneinu due to the influx of rain in recent days across Israel.

“Thank G-d we have merited that the gates of heaven should open and there is a difference between the prayers of the shaliach tzibbur and those of a private individual. The Shaliach Tzibur should cease saying Aneinu at this point but the private individual is permitted to keep saying it as long as we still need rain just like any other private prayer added to the bracha of Shome’ah Tefillah.”

“Therefore the congregations will no longer say Aneinu out loud and will direct their hearts to the blessing of Bareich Aleinu to fulfill this request. May G-d continue to hear our prayers and may we merit rains of blessing,” concluded the Rabbi.

Israel’s water authority announced at the end of Shabbos that the Kinneret level had risen by 9 centimeters over the weekend and a full 15 centimeters since the beginning of the most recent storm. It currently stands at -214.01 meters below sea level.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)