PHOTOS: Neturei Karta Makes Solidarity Visit To Family Of Ahed Tamimi; Jailed For Slapping IDF Soldier



Ahed Tamimi is the PA (Palestinian Authority) teen who was videoed kicking and slapping an IDF officer. While she is currently serving a jail term for her actions, representatives of Neturei Karta traveled  to Nabi Saleh for a solidarity visit with her family members.

Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi (R) enters a military courtroom escorted by Israeli Prison Service personnel at Ofer Prison, near Ramallah January 1, 2018. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

Yisrael Meir Hirsch is quoted by Kikar Shabbos News explaining their visit, to express solidarity with the family’s efforts to have Tamimi released from prison. “We came to the village because we admire her actions” he is quoted saying.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Media Resource Group)


  1. These Arabs are not human beings.
    Waiting for the day when one of these animals will kill one of the members of the Neturei Karta- let’s see what this despicable group says then!!

  2. These guys make me feel SICK! (My only comfort is that maybe they are really spying for Israel)

    But seriously, its one thing to disagree with the Tzionim, but to go and kiss up to these bloody murders???!!!

  3. these guys are clearly wackos even I who is not a Zionist condemn this 100%, if they didn’t have the flag to give them cover they would be pelted with stones. I guess the Arab funders of NK demanded this.

  4. Don’t these sorry excuses for humans understand that kol yisroel areivim zeh lazeh–I guess to them Jewish blood is worthless. Hmmm–in nazi Germany, they didn’t differentiate between religious and non religious Jews. They were all mistreated (and I use that term loosely) the same. Maybe one day, with Hashem’s help, they will understand that. But for now, they are a disgrace for all Yidden. I cannot understand, however, how no Rebbe from any sect has denounced them. That is very disturbing

  5. do these guys ever daven Shmoneh esreh ? Have they told their muslim friends what it means V’lyrusholayim Ircho B’rachamim Toshuv ….. V,sechzenoh Eynaynu B;shuvcho l’zion ….. or maybe they are apikorsim and miss out these Brochos from Shmoneh esreh

  6. The fact that there are at least 3 mishigoim in klal yisroel is no chiddush and not worth getting too worked up about.

    But some have lost all perspective. What’s worse: meeting this family who support terrorists, but aren’t terrorists and haven’t murdered, or rfl’s comment which says Waiting for the day when one of these animals will kill one of the members of the Neturei Karta [r”l]

    Mods: how can you let rfl’s comment through?

  7. While the hisChabrus laRasha shown here is certainly nauseating, one needs to understand at least three things to make sense of this:
    1. The many decades-long and ongoing tremendous chilul Hashem and spiritual and material conflagration and worse that the Zionists have perpetrated on Klal Yisrael.
    2. The Zionists do NOT represent Klal Yisrael (the real Jewish nation), the Zionist’s State of “Israel” is a Zionist state, not “the Jewish State” as they offensively claim, et al.
    3. These Jews’ goal is to inform the nations of the world of the above and to therefore ask the nations (including the Arabs), due to the above, to not hold the Jews responsible for whatever the Zionists do or don’t do.

    If one lacks understanding of any of the above (particularly the first two points), then they also lack the ability to understand what drives these Jews who, with their activism, misguided as it may be, could potentially have already saved untold number of Jews, Hashem yishmor.

    When Mashiach comes BB”A, then we will all know.

  8. Hakatan:

    You are either misinformed or impaired. Clearly, you do not recognize the blasphemous, hateful aveiroh of supporting terrorists. Firstly, this family is composed of terrorists. Whether they are the front line warriors or not is irrelevant. I wish every last one of them the worst of illness and suffering, with ultimate death and their elimination. Secondly, the behavior of the Medinah is not the issue here at all, and you either know it or suffer from an untreatable problem. The behavior of the family was to taunt soldiers into taking serious action, all which they deserved, and to use that as a tool to inflict more incitement and terror on innocent people who live in Eretz Yisroel, whether they are Tziyonim or not. There has never been a terrorist that vetted a potential victim to determine their philosophy before trying to kill them. The existence of terror is not because of the Tziyonim, and you also know that.

    I repeat my condemnation of the murderous support of terror by Arabs, Muslims, and NK. I wish they would all go away, in whatever manner that happens. And I would not support the burial of these NK animals in a Jewish cemetery. These kofrim could easily continue living in E”Y without being supporters of the Medinah, as many people do. But they rarely fail to miss the opportunity to express their love for murderers and terrorists, while they hate Yidden. The Torah world would be much better off without them.

  9. HaKatan: A Yid is a Yid no matter what he does, these neturai karta nuts have no right to go and support an enemy of Yid. We are one people, if we dont always agree doesnt mean you support someone who KILLS our people, kills a Yid. Where is there value of a neshama, they have no clue what yidishkite is, especially if they think there tachlis is support terrorist, they should go get a job and not be busy with nonsense.

  10. these people are pure creeps; even in the frum schools they won’t accept their children.
    as for loshan horah is concerned; there is no case for it since they did their kissing in public and made it public to all. So we see who they are and may they either drop dead soon or do tshubah even sooner.

  11. To Hakatan and all the other feeble minded satmar chasidim here:
    “The Zionists do NOT represent Klal Yisrael (the real Jewish nation), the Zionist’s State of “Israel” is a Zionist state, not “the Jewish State” as they offensively claim, et al.”
    SATMAR does not represent Klal Yisrael either.
    I can tell you one thing though. I have davened in many minyanim in my life (Shabbos). The more modern ones, where the mi sheberach is made for the medina and tzahal, are much more respectable during davening that any minyan where satmar chasidim were present. Satmar have NO RESPECT for davening, do not allow other to daven with theie endless talking. The only reason they come to shul is to get away from their wives and have some booze and chulent.
    And the Zionists don’t cheat the government at every opportunity. So please, do us all a favor: climb back into your KJ hole and shush.

  12. @BoysWork You mean like Beth Sholom in Lawrence (5 Towns), where (Modern orthodox) Rabbi Hain had to stop the Chazzan this past Shabbos SEVEN TIMES and beg the people to shut their fat mouths so people could hear the Chazzan?

    I ain’t no Satmarer at all. far from it. But please, stop the lies. The Modox Shuls are one big fat cess pool of talking.

  13. TipishAlert
    Why do you lie? Why?
    I daven in Beth Shalom every single day including Shabbos …. The lying story you related is a fabrication of your own making ….The Rabbi never stopped the Chazzan at all …..
    What do you gain from your lying fantasies???? Hmmm?
    Yes there are some people talking ……Yes and do you know who they are …. it’s the former Satmar talmidim that became modern ….. its those who cannot keep their mouths shut ….and its time that Rabbi Hain throws them finally out … let them go daven at the Shtibble!

  14. @BoysWork you do not represent any part of klal yisroel other than yourself. Any sane Yid would reject your hateful dishonest attitude and protest your description of a sefer by a godol as a comic book etc.

    If the Mods continue to allow abhorrent comments like BoysTown you will join VIN and other low-grade free-for-all sites as no longer being considered remotely Orthodox let alone frum.

  15. I love Satmer, they are very warm and good Jews, I’d certainly choose them over many Modern Orthodox who have adopted the goyishe mindset and garbage culture . However, anti-Zionism is simply something that Satmere are brainwashed with. And these NK’s are even worse with their twisted philosophy. Zionism has many, many faults, but the picture is not black and white. There were never as many frum Jews living and learning, yes under the protection and sustenance of these “Zionists”, since the Baus Hamikdash times. And I have no doubt if the Arabs were to overtake the Zionist gov most of these anti-Zionists would flee from the country as quickly as the Arabs would start shooting at them c”v.

    It’s important that people open their eyes, not just repeat what they were spooned from birth. Anti-Zionists should look at the Muslim world, with ISIS, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbelloh, beheadings, constant warfare, hundreds of thousands killed, never-ending culture of violence, etc. and they should ask themselves if they really, truly believe that we don’t want Jews protecting Jews with the help of Hashem.

    All the money poured into anti-Zionist compains with tons of money poured into ads and PR all to convince the goyim who hate us that we real Jews are Zionist haters. All the money would be better served if it went into kiruv of our brothers and sisters in Israel. That will go a long way in rectifying the wrong in Zionism.

  16. philosopher:
    “There were never as many frum Jews living and learning, yes under the protection and sustenance of these ‘Zionists’”
    They are not protected by Zionists. Zionists are protected by them.

  17. @kvetcher wrote “They are not protected by Zionists. Zionists are protected by them”.
    You are half right. It works both ways. G-d forbid, we did not have an army, the county would be destroyed in no time.

  18. Why did Israel let the back in into Jewish Irael? They should be banished to the West Bank in an Arab area, and there should be no Israeli response to their cries.