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Mazel Tov! Step Siblings Get Engaged In Bnei Brak

A rare shidduch occurred this week to a family in Bnei Brak.

A well known Rabbi, who was formerly a Jerusalem Resident, had gotten divorced eight years ago and married his second wife. Yesterday, his sixteen-and-a-half-year-old daughter from the first marriage got engaged to his stepson from the second marriage who is 23-years-old. The two have no blood relationship to each other.

According to a report in Bechadrei Charedim, the joy felt in the family was very great indeed. The step-brother and sister interacted as siblings and even lived in the same home. “This is a very rare shidduch and is almost never found,” said Bechadrei in their report of the story. Up to this point, the shidduchim that are done within the family usually take place within the courts of the Admorim, where it is customary to marry cousins to one another.

This is one of the few times that such a match can be recalled according to the report. The celebration of their engagement took place in the family’s home on Tuesday.

The names and identities are not being publicized but the family is happy with the marriage.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. His daughter from his first marriage is not his STEPDAUGHTER, she is his biological daughter. Don’t you guys proofread what you copy from bechadrei charedim? Do you blindly translate word for word? Do you use Google translator???

  2. Obviously 100% mutar but also 100% weird. I can’t understand how ppl growing up as brother and sister (that’s what it says in the article) can get married.

  3. At 16 1/2 does she have the maturity and independance to make a decision that her life will be the best with him, who is nearly a third older then her.
    What if g-d forbid it dosent work out? They both go home and stand in oposite corners? Or worse, discord can create a gap in the marraige of the parents.
    Not a good idea overall, but best wishes for a life full of joy and peace.

  4. Even more paramount that they work on & maintain Sholom Bayis, as any failure on that front, would spell disaster for her father’s & his mother’s own marriage.

  5. nothing wrong with the Shidduch, at least they know each other, hopefully. My only point is that the girl is way to young to get engaged.

  6. Actually, there is a Gadol Bi’Yisroel who was the offspring of such a situation.

    The Bais Halevi’s father, R’ Yitzchok Zev (b.1800), was the offspring of that same situation. R’ Yitzchok Zev’s father, R’ Yosef married “Relka”. “Relka” was the daughter of the famed Rav Chaim of Volozhin. Together, they bore R’ Yitzchok Zev
    Rav Yosef was Nifter relatively young. Subsequently, his widow “Relka” married Rav Moshe Kahana/Shapiro, who was a widower, who had a daughter from his previous marriage named “Rivka”.

    R’ Yitzchok married that daughter “Rivka” – and had the Bais Halevi.

    The rest is history….

  7. . . . his sixteen-and-a-half-year-old daughter from the first marriage got engaged to his stepson from the second marriage. . .

  8. Is it true when they went to egypt he told her אמרי-נא אחתי את למען ייטב-לי בעבורך וחיתה נפשי בגללך

  9. is it true in the yichud room he whispered to her ​י מה-יפו דדיך אחתי כלה מה-טבו דדיך מיין וריח שמניך מכל-בשמים

  10. ANON21 The Chofetz Chaim married his step sister too.
    And avram yitchok and yaccov all had more than one wife and peelagshim and shfachos. Now what?

  11. It amazes me that I can always rely on someone making silly comments to articles like this for my entertainment.

    As stated above:
    1) The Chofetz Chaim married his step-sister (and no, there was no Heter given to him being that there was never a Cherem Rabbeinu Gershom on marrying a step-sister.)
    2) It is common to marry young in Chassidish circle. (If you look at the picture closely you’ll notice that they are Chassidim).
    3) It is common among Admorim to marry cousins. (The truth is that among the Chassidim themselves this is not unheard of and in fact Chazal praise such marriages – for instance marrying a niece, Yevamot, 62b.)

    To add:
    1) Rav Yaakov Yosef Herman, z”l had three daughters. Two he married off at the age of 17 and the third at 16. All three had happy marriages. His daughter, Bessie, and her husband (Rav Sheinberg) were married for 81 years. Furthermore, they were often sought after for their marriage advice. I guess the “too young to get married” view doesn’t really hold weight. A healthy married is dependent on attitude, not age. If a person has the right hashgafas his/her marriage can be fruitful throughout the years no matter what age they got married at. On the other hand, the wrong attitudes will destroy a marriage no matter how old they were when entering marriage.

    2) Although it doesn’t say how long the parents (2nd wife) have been married I’m assuming that they’ve been married long enough for the kids to really how gotten to know each other and have seen each other in their low points as well as their high points. How many of us Chareidim have married someone we barely knew, whom we had only spent time with when he/she had his/her best foot forward? How many of us knew what our wives looked like in the morning with disheveled hair and no makeup on before we got married? How many of us knew how our spouse is like when cranky before we got married? Too the contrary, this couple is more likely going into to marriage with more realistic expectations than we!

    3) Did any of you consider that the Chason is 23 years old (old enough to make a mature decision about marriage) and furthermore, both parents were involved in this shidduch? Do you really think that they would arrange/agree to such a marriage w/o considering all the ramifications? Don’t forget that it states that the father is a prominent Rabbi. Do you really think he’d agree to such a shidduch w/o consulting a Gadol/Admor prior? Don’t be foolish?

    4) Point to ponder – Chazal say, “Shmona Esrei l’chupa”. That’s going on the males. I think it is fair to conclude that Chazal were not expecting us to marry girls the same age or older. Thus, they most likely expected us to marry girls 17 or perhaps even 16 year old girls. Of course, 18 really means that from 18 to 22 one should encourage his son to get married (all depending on the individual circumstances of each child). Within that, however, is that 18 is at times an appropriate age for a man to get married (assumingly to a young girl). Apparently, Chazal felt that 16-17 is an appropriate age for some girls to get married at. To state otherwise, is arrogant.

  12. the mir
    and what makes a 20,30 year old mature. we have young
    children more mature than your 50 year old maturity isnt automatic.
    plenty, plenty ,plenty people dunces all thier lives and are married(to dunces)

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