Two People Killed in Motor Vehicle Accidents in Israel on Sunday

Scene of the accident near Kfar Masaryk

Two people were killed in Motor Vehicle Accidents on Sunday in Israel. In the first incident, a two-year-old child was killed in a car accident that took place in Tel Aviv near the port just after noon on Sunday. First responders from United Hatzalah and Magen David Adom responded to the call and treated the injured two-year-old before she was transported to Ichilov hospital where she was pronounced dead. The driver in the incident was remanded for questioning.

United Hatzalah volunteer ambucycle driver Avi Levy who was one of the first responders at the scene said: “When I arrived I saw a 2-year-old pedestrian who was critically injured after she had been hit by a passing jeep. Together with other EMS personnel who arrived I performed CPR on the girl until the ambulance arrived. She was transported while undergoing further CPR to Ichilov hospital.”

Magen David Adom EMT Yitzchak Ben David said: “The girl suffered severe head trauma and was lying on the ground when I arrived having CPR performed on her by EMS personnel including a doctor who had been called to the scene.”

In the second incident, a 60-year-old cyclist was killed while he was riding his bicycle past the intersection by the entrance of Kfar Masaryk and he was hit by a private car. A United Hatzalah volunteer who happened to be driving past the area and saw the accident stopped to help, but there was little he could do due to the severity of the man’s injuries and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to reports by the Authority for Safety on Israel’s Roads, 24 people have been killed in motor vehicle accidents since the beginning of 2018 in Israel. This number went down from last year’s total of 39 during a similar time period. In total, 364 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2017 as opposed to 377 people in 2016.

From the scene of the Accident in Tel Aviv
Scene of the accident near Kfar Masaryk