VIDEO: MK Eichler On The Secular State And ‘Dictator’ – Retired High Court President Prof. Aharon Barak



In the first portion of his Knesset address, MK Yisrael Eichler addresses the reality that “Due to the lack of adherence to Torah and Mitzvos, Chilul Shabbos and rebellion against all mitzvos of the Torah by the establishment, which is extremely sad, a frum Jew like Yaakov Litzman may only serve as a deputy minister… There is no option other than serving as a deputy minister to run the nation, even though it is anti-religious.

“While not being religious and run as it should, at least it should be a democratic nation”, adds Eichler in his reference to the State of Israel.

The chareidi MK then speaks about retired High Court President Prof. Aharon Barak, whom he refers to as a “Dictator”, for his efforts to give the High Court ultimate power. Eichler explains that if things go the way of the left in Knesset it is fine, and if not, then they turn to the High Court to overturn the Knesset law, comparing it to going to the Kremlin to dissolve laws passed in the Duma.

Eichler calls on the Knesset Ethic Committee to use its authority against any and all MKs who turn to the High Court of Justice to dissolve laws passed by Knesset and decide how such a person is to be treated.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)