PHOTOS: Chareidi Soldiers Continue Training



The Israel Air Force’s Maginei HaNegev (Defenders of the Negev) combat unit, which is a branch of Netzach Yehuda (Nachal Chareidi) had a new enlistment a few months ago. A number of weeks ago, the new soldiers completed basic training, and in the last three weeks, they spent their time out in the field as part of their ‘(Imun Mitkadeim’), advanced training.

While they are members of the air force, these young soldiers are being trained and certified as combat infantry soldiers, as is the case with the soldiers serving in the ‘green’ army.

In the following photos, we get a small look at the soldiers during their weeks in the field, where the Nachal Chareidi rabbonim and air force make certain their religious needs, including shiurim and davening with a minyan, are not forgotten.

The Sefer Torah is present for them as required and other arrangements are made to permit them to maintain their frum lifestyle while training.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Very nice. You only show their davening. What about them being trained by women and other interaction women?
    What kind of kosher food do they get?
    How does their Shabbos look like?
    Davening in the field does not show the full picture!

  2. David – Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. They are not trained by women. There are specific arrangements in place such that their interaction with women is minimal (far less than it would be living a normal civilian life.

    2. They get Mehadrin Kosher food, whether on base or in the field. There is a special Mehadrin kitchen on their base, with a Mashgiach Temidi, and all raw materials must have a high-level Mehadrin Hechsher to be used.

    3. What their Shabbos looks like depends. During training, they actually are sent home for most Shabossos. When they’re on base, they have proper se’udos and davening, though some need to do guard duty on Shabbos as well (which is carried out under the supervision of the Rav of the group). They also need to spend at least one Shabbos out in the field as part of their training, in order to be taught how to carry out military operations on Shabbos in a way that minimizes the necessity for actions that, if not for Pikuach Nefesh, would be Chilul Shabbos.

    So you’re right – davening in a field does not show the full picture. But I do, in fact, have a full picture. How? Easy – my son is part of that group – and is in fact clearly visible in a number of the photos. I’ve had the privilege of meeting the boys at their Tekes Hashba’a – and the vast majority of the boys in that group are as serious about both their Frumkeit as they are about defending Klal Yisrael.

    an Israeli Yid – and proud father

    when I was a young lad, I wouldn’t reveal my naughty behaviour to my parents, & I’m quite sure that that’s exactly what your lad is doing, (though I hope I’m not right) in any case I wish him all the best, & I sincerely appreciate his good work, sacrificing himself for us, I couldn’t do it

  4. Chymee – you’re a real Dn l’Kaf Zechus, aren’t you? In any case, don’t project your own youthful foibles on others you know nothing about, acting in situations you know nothing about.

    I hope you develop an ability for sincere introspection, and utilize it the next time the opportunity presents itself, rather than just mindlessly bashing.

    And to Savlanut – thank you, but the credit goes to my sons (this is my second one who is serving), rather than to me.

    an Israeli Yid