Former IDF Major-General Yomtov Samaya On Air Force Operation In Syria


Retired IDF Major-General, Yomtov Samaya, who served as a Northern and Southern District Commander, spoke with Kol Chai Radio’s Betzalel Kahan on Monday morning 27 Shevat. He explained the Israel Air Force attack against Iranian targets in Syria was successful and he praised the actions of the air force.

Samaya decried the media for making a “big deal” over the plain that was downed, citing it was the first time in 35 years that an Israeli fighter plane was downed and any commander knows when he heads to war, there are causalities among troops, as well as in this case, a plane. “The Americans gladly give us ten more just like it for the success they had in hitting targets” he added.

Samaya, who is setting his sights on a political career with the Machane Tzioni party added, “I know from my experience there are no guarantees and we also lose soldiers in war as I have experienced over the years.”

He explained the Syria today is a far cry from the Syria of 10-13 years ago. “El-Assad slaughtered over 600,000 people and the world remains silent” he added, explaining there are Russians, Iranians and Turks (in the north against Curds) and the ‘day after’ will leave a different Syria. Our job is to prevent the Iranian presence there.

Samaya calls to increase the population of the Golan to 250,000 and bring high tech, jobs and more, vowing, if in a political position one that empowers him, he will do just that to make sure Israel never leaves the Golan Heights.

Following a derogatory comment by Kahan about the Israeli left Samaya was quick to add that it was “your governments”, referring to the right-wing, that refused to fight as they should, resulting in three rounds of warfare in Gaza, as well as the uprooting of yishuvim, the Hamastine in Gaza and additional problems facing Israel”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)