Jerusalem Talmud Torah Floods Due to Heavy Rains


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Due to the intense rains that have struck Israel over the last few days, the Chachmat Shlomo Talmud Torah in the Sanhedria neighborhood of Jerusalem flooded in numerous rooms. Shiurim for those classes had to be cancelled this morning as in some places the waters rose up to almost a meter in height, rendering the rooms unusable.

Witnesses say that severe damage was caused to furniture and study books that had been left in the room. “This is a terrible case of bitul Torah.”

School officials blamed the City for drainage problems in the area that caused the flood in the Talmud Torah. “Every time we get more than one hour’s worth of rain in a row large parts of our school and prayer room become flooded. The City needs to fix the piping in the area which falls under their auspices,” said an unnamed source for the Talmud Torah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)