Israel: Concerns Surrounding A Glass Factory Becoming Shomer Shabbos


After a great deal of effort, cooperation and assistance from various organizations in finding solutions to shorten the time required to restore the production line of the Phoenicia glass factory after it was shut down for a day.

The problem is, if the factory shuts down for Shabbos, it takes two days to bring the furnace back to operational heat.

The Knesset Economics Committee discussed the request to order the closure of the plant pm Shabbos. For over a decade, Phoenicia has been promoting moves to reduce work on the Shabbos. The plant employs non-Jewish workers, and the factory itself on Shabbos shifts to limited necessary work.

The Technology Institute specializes in halachic solutions has been accompany the plant in search of a solution. The factory holds work permits for Shabbos for the coming year.

MK (Machane Tzioni) Leah Fadida said: “The request to shut down factories that are essential to the Israeli economy is illogical and will severely harm workers and the economy. I feel that what is happening with the religious is like “creeping annexation” – once the army, Shabbos, and I worry about what’s next. The next time we shut down the electric company, so this issue worries me.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)