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VIDEO: Terrorist Shot And Killed After Attacking IDF Soldiers in Yericho


The Office of the IDF Spokesman Unit reported on Thursday, 7 Adar, that during an operation to arrest wanted suspects in PA (Palestinian Authority) occupied Yericho, a violent altercation took place between security forces and suspects, with one threatening them with an iron rod.

As he moved towards the force, he was ordered to halt, and when he failed to comply, soldiers fired at his lower extremities.

The suspect, 33, was found to be carrying a knife. He was treated and transported by the medical personnel and was later pronounced dead of his wounds.

The grainy video shows an alley lined by storefronts.

A man is seen throwing stones, in the direction of soldiers who are in one of the stores in the alley.

Seconds later, a man is seen charging down the alley carrying a long object with three legs, like a tripod, on his shoulder. He is heading in the direction of the store where the soldiers are. Once he is level with the store, one of the soldiers jumps out, aiming his rifle at him.

The man drops to the ground. The soldier kicks him and beats him with his rifle. Several other soldiers join in, also kicking and beating him, before pulling him into the store.

At a later point, four soldiers are seen carrying him across the alley, holding him by his hands and feet.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said Israel later informed the family of Yassin al-Saradih of his death.

The Palestinian news agency WAFA quoted a relative, Ismail al-Masri, as saying soldiers beat al-Saradih “as soon as he approached his uncle’s house to check why the army was raiding it.”

The military said the incident is under investigation.

(AP / YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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