ATTACK THWARTED: ISIS Terrorists Plotting Har Habayis Attack Arrested


Shin Bet agents working with Israel Police during the months of January and February 2018, arrested three Israeli Arabs, residents of Um el-Fahm, for their support and connection to ISIS and for conspiring to perpetrate a terror attack on Har Habayis.

The suspects in custody are Muhmad Masoud Muhmad Jubarin, 20; Amar Lutfri Muhmad Jubarin, 20; and the third suspect was a minor at the time.

A shooting attack was planned again al-Aqsa Mosque similar to the attack that took place in July 2017 that claimed the lives of two Israeli policemen.

Accurate intelligence information led the Shin Bet to the suspects in custody and the subsequent prevention of the attack. The cell members also entertained an attack against a shul, against police, and a vehicular ramming attack during the Xmas season.

It is added in the Shin Bet spokesman unit’s report that two of the suspects are ardent supporters of ISIS’ murderous ideology. Indictments were handed down against them on Monday, 11 Adar.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)