Israel’s Public Security Minister Bans PA Education Minister From Jerusalem’s Old City


Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan has issued an order banning PA (Palestinian Authority) Education Minister Sabri Saidam from visiting Jerusalem’s Old City for an event in a school.

In light of intelligence information received by Jerusalem police, that the PA minister plans to visit the Old City on Monday 11 Adar, to the Tara Santa private Christian school, to address a forum and hold a press conference. Samir Jibril, the PA-appointed principal of the school is expected to be at the PA minister’s side along with other unmentioned PA officials.

The order states that in line with Paragraph 3a of the interim agreement, the PA may not open a facility or engage its personnel or conduct any gathering inside the boundaries of the State of Israel, and the Minister of Public Security is will within his right to ban the visit and the event.

In his statement accompanying the ban, Erdan explains this is yet another PA effort to challenge Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)