SHOCKING IMAGES: Fire In Yeshivat Porat Yosef Caused By Welding Sparks; Hundreds Of Seforim Destroyed



Fire investigators are moving ahead with their probe into the fire in Yeshivat Porat Yosef on Monday, 25 Adar.

An investigation by fire and rescue investigators at the Jerusalem Regional Station indicates that the fire at the yeshiva began following welding and cutting of iron. As a result of the ongoing work, sparks that fell from the top floor of the building to the yeshiva hall were set on fire, and from there the fire quickly spread to the school’s textbooks library, and within a short time the fire was out of control.

As a result of the fire in the building, some of the students were trapped in the heavy smoke emitted from the fire.

The fire fighters who arrived at the site rescued and evacuated the trapped people, extinguished the flames that threatened to destroy the building, thereby preventing damage to the lives and tremendous damage to the historic structure.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photos: Jerusalem fire Spokesman Unit)


  1. I gotta ask, where were the sprinkler systems, or did they NOT have one? At this juncture the school administration better make that priority number 1. Thank G-d no lives were lost, this could’ve been way worse.

  2. B’h it was only seforim that were destroyed. Seforim can always be replaced, talmidim cannot.
    Chaniej makes an excellent point about the importance of sprinkler systems when they rebuild.

  3. The pictures are of Nebenzhal Kollel. they rent 2 floors from Porat yosef And only their section was damaged Bh there was no bitul Torah Kollel moved to the undamaged section downstairs To the other Beis medrash they rent. Those who want to help buy new sfarim hats jackets shtenders benches can go to the Kollel website.

  4. Wooooooow that is crazy!
    Bh no one was hurt!!!

    That building and those avreichim are from Rav Nebenzahl’s kollel!

    They rent the Porat Yosef building. It was amazing to see that even a fire could not stop the Nebenzahl kollel they were there the next day learning! That picture of the avreichim learning are from this morning! they moved to the first floor beis medrash that they also rent. Unbeleivable it’s really the best kollel out there. Everyone should stop by when they go to the kosel.

  5. Why no mention of one month later’s work accident Independence day eve at Porat Yosef at Kotel of maintenance worker David T. of blessed memory who fell in pier of elevator 8 floors down after told to examine why elevator wasn’t working?