Hamas Issues Statement Requesting Protesters to Remain Peaceful During Friday’s March Against Israel


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Hamas issued a uncharacteristic request of Gaza residents that they refrain from violence during the planned large scale protest march that is being organized by Hamas, in which residents of Gaza are expected to march on the Gaza-Israel border fence en masse.

The organizers of the protest march issued a statement that said: “Friday the 30th of March will be just the beginning, and the public protest will not end with sundown. Rather, it will continue with civilian disobedience in a peaceful protest which will only end with the return of Palestinians to their rightful lands.”

Hamas issued orders that no one should jeopardize the message of the protest and damage its success.

Hamas’s message came after the IDF seקnt messages to Gaza residents stating that crossing the border into Israel will be seen as an aggressive act and any response may be employed to prevent such an entryנ. The IDF included airstrikes against Hamas targets as a possible response in the message.

Israel told Gazan bus companies that should they be involved in bringing Gaza residents to the border fence on Friday, that all benefits offered by Israel to these companies would be revoked. “Anyone who approaches the fence, does so at the risk of their lives,” said a  statement issued by Major General Yoav Mordechai the Chief Officer of COGAT.

The IDF has been conducting training drills all week for thousands of soldiers in preparation for the protest as well as a result of the numerous infiltrations from Gaza into Israel that took place this week.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)