Mom Of Infant Who Died In Ashdod Hotel Reenacts Events For Police


There are new developments in the case of the one-month-old chareidi infant who died by accident in the Miami Hotel in Ashdod earlier in the week.

It is now being reported the mother, who is in police custody, was brought back to the hotel room where the baby died in order to reconstruct the circumstances of the death.

The mother was brought under security, and security cameras documented her entry accompanied by investigators and Border Police officers.

Due to the gag order on the details of the ongoing investigation, at this stage it is not possible to elaborate on the developments in the investigation. On Tuesday night the eve of 19 Nisan, the court in Ashdod extended the detention of the mother and father until next week.

In the interim, the stormy protests seen in Jerusalem, Ashdod and Beit Shemesh by Eida Chareidis affiliated persons are expected to continue.

The owner of the hotel told Haaretz: “They took three rooms, the mother, the daughter and the son, she chose to take the room with the hot tub, and suddenly I see United Hatzalah and then ambulances, police and ambulances began to arrive. I tried to enter the room, and I saw that they tried to resuscitate the baby, and after 15-20 minutes they evacuated him to the hospital. ”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)