VIDEO: Turkey Escalating Its Anti-Israel Policy While Investing In The PA In Jerusalem



While some felt there was a mending of ways between Ankara and Jerusalem, clearly, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not exhibiting the slightest effort to mend diplomatic fences, but rather the opposite is true. He is building walls of animosity between the nations.

The International Congress on Social Sciences recently held an assembly in eastern Jerusalem, one attended by many Turkish nationals, who used the forum to speak out strongly against Israel, the Jewish presence on Har Habayis and Israeli claims to Jerusalem. It was hosted by al-Quds University, funded by Turkey, and attended by some 700 Turkish students.

Incitement and provocation were the themes, as speakers hailed the “Deep connection that exists between the Turkish and Palestinian peoples”.

Speakers addressed “efforts by numerous Israeli governments to impose its sovereignty on Jerusalem, creating a blockade via settlements and its colonialist polices, working to create an exclusive Jewish entity”.

The Turkish students did not just attend the conference, but visited Har Habayis and spoke out strongly against any attempt to claim Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They insist Istanbul cannot smile while Jerusalem is being occupied.

In the accompanying video, we see Turkish nationals visiting the Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem about a week ago (1:42 minutes into the video) photographing memorials to the victims of the Armenian massacre by the Turks. Some of the signs were vandalized. In another act, about six weeks ago, we see groups of visiting Turkish nationals visiting and being photographed on Har Habayis holding signs and wearing tee-shirts.

Turkey is stepping-up funding for its anti-Israel interests, including a deal signed in February between the Turkish company and the Eastern Jerusalem Electric Company to establish a solar power station in the city.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan refers to Israel as a “Nation of Terror”. It was a few short years ago that Turkey was a staunch ally, participating in joint military exercises with Israel, but since the Marvi Mamara flotilla in which the vessel tried breaking through the Israel Navy blockage on Gaza, resulting in the death of Turkish nationals, relations continue to deteriorate between the two countries. The $20 million paid to Turkey by Israel in compensation did nothing to restore relations between the countries.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. That was 20 million dollars of Israeli taxpayers money wasted for a diplomatic maneuver that only emboldened Turkey and the Arabs to further attempts to destroy Israel.