VIDEO/PHOTOS: Hafgona Against Autopsy Of Chareidi Infant Who Died In Ashdod Hotel; Mother Remains In Custody


Chareidi protestors once again took to the streets of Meah Shearim on Tuesday Chol Hamoed Pesach to protest against an autopsy of a Chareidi infant who died in an accident in an Ashdod hotel, after the Ashkelon Court ruled in favor of the autopsy.

A gag order has been placed on the investigation of the death of a one-month-old chareidi, Gavriel z”l, who died after falling from his mother’s arms into a jacuzzi. The gag order is valid until the end of April.

According to information that may be released, the infant ingested a quantity of water according to the parents, and when EMS arrived the child was in cardiac arrest.

It has also been established that CPR and resuscitation were performed but the child was pronounced dead hen it became clear he was no longer responding to resuscitation efforts.

In addition to the child who died R”L, the couple has a seven-year-old son. The mother remains in custody and the father and others were questioned in the case.

Protestors leaving the scene with socks dyed blue by the water cannon

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is one of the few instances where protests are both valid and effective. The governments history vis a vis autopsies is well known, as is their lack of kavod hameis. Usually, protests against autopsies are endorsed by Rabbonim across the spectrum, and experience has shown it’s very difficult, if not impossible, for normal channels to be effective.

  2. Since the mother was arrested and remains in custody apparently the police are investigating this as a criminal matter. That means that it’s necessary for the police and forensics to decide if the mother’s story is accurate or not. Maybe just a post mortem CT scan is necessary or maybe a partial or full autopsy is required. At the very least why was a mother holding a 1 month old at a Jacuzzi?

  3. Is it a frum child that was nifter R”L? I am just wondering since there abusively ins’t protest when every Joe Shmoe does an autopsy .

  4. Here’s the deal, if the mother doesn’t want an autopsy then she should be tried for murder. If she is open to an autopsy, then the results of the investigation can determine her (guilty vs. not guilty) outcome in the court of law.

  5. Toi – Rioting is never ‘valid’ nor has it been effective – sadly, the Supreme Court has just ruled that the child’s body will be autopsied.

  6. rkefrat: just wondering if you feel the same when the “holy” Israeli Police Force of the “beginning of our redemption” arrest settlers on “criminal charges.” Should those cases also be regarded as legitimate criminal investigations?

  7. american_yerushalmi – Yes, of course they should be regarded as legitimate criminal investigations. Your question is both astonishing and revealing. Is everything just identity politics to you?