Petition Against The Police Use Of ‘Skunk’ Smell Against Protesters In Meah Shearim


An online petition is being circulated against Israel Police for its “cruel” actions, using the ‘skunk’ smelling water against a crowd in Meah Shearim, citing protocol only permits using it in an open area.

Emails being sent to recipients’ state, “Please convey to any painful Jew who can join. After the horrific abuse perpetrated during Pesach in the Meah Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem.

“In houses and passageways – against men, women and children, and even the faces of old men.”

In the continuation of one email, Israel Police are referred to a “Nazis Y”MS”.

The online petition reads:

In the recent demonstrations in the Meah Shearim area, the Israeli police used the “skunk” material that was sprayed inside residential neighborhoods, contrary to the police procedure, that “as a rule the liquid will be sprayed in open areas.”

While the role of the Israel Police is to maintain routine in the entire neighborhood, they accomplish just the opposite with the use of the stench in the neighborhood.

The injury is to all the residents of the neighborhood including elderly people and asthma patients. This is also contrary to the police procedure, which states that it is forbidden to spray at elderly pregnant women and infants, even after the time of the demonstrations.

We immediately demand that the commander who gave the order to use the skunk stench against the police procedures be held accountable and at the same time work to remove the smell from the neighborhood immediately.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. How about a petition FOR the use of skunk spray? Get these rioters out of the street, so people can get on with their lives and emergency crews can get where they need to go. Don’t want your neighborhood to smell? Better do what you can to keep rioters out of your neighborhood. As for the cops being “Nazis”- Handy hint: If they are not shooting, gassing, beating or otherwise murdering every yid they see, if they are not putting everyone in a ghetto, if there are no cattle cars running from Tel Aviv to Chaifa, then the Israeli police are not Nazis. Standing on the graves of the 6 million to score political points cheapens the horror of the holocaust, and ensures that real Nazis are not taken seriously, because everyone assumes that someone being called a Nazi just keep a different zman than the person accusing them or something.

  2. only skunk water against these hoodlums? They are lucky that I am not in charge; I would use something stronger to deter their blocking innocent people from going to work, school, yeshiva, kollel and doctors etc.

    May they either see the proper derech in serving haShem or they will end up in gehenom for these crimes….

  3. How about teaching by way of example..
    All the “protesters” should be careful to keep their activities away from residential areas such as Meah Shearim. Problem solved! All the innocent and negatively affected residents will no longer have to put up with this “brutality” because it will no longer be necessary.

  4. The bad smell in Yerushalayim is Peleg. Let them go live somewhere where they think they’ll have it better, and the neighborhood won’t smell anymore.

  5. Well, maybe they should stop throwing rocks, bottles, etc to anyone who they deem not “acceptable” or demonstrate blocking traffic & creating a havoc, the police wouldn’t have to do that. For a very long time the police have tried regular crowd control methods unsuccessfully. They should be happy they are not being shot with rubber bullets & maybe stop their behavior. And what about them burning garbage cans, that must make a very pleasant rosy smell to their air. Let their women & children & even older men go tell the young gangsters to stop & just get busy either in the Beis Midrash or at work.

  6. When they take their protests to an open space where they dont destroy the lives of other citizens who are trying to live a normal life, the skunk will follow.
    Illegal protests should be banned with heavy fines imposed on organisers and preachers. Everyone has a right to protest, nobody has the right to shut down the city in protest.

  7. The government should be using live bullets against these vicious traitorous marauding gangsters and hoodlums,in any other normal country these criminal bastards and their so called leaders would be rotting in jail in long prison sentences

  8. Not in favor of stopping the use of it, but definitely in favor of not using it in regular neighborhoods. You can gag from the smell days later.

  9. As the saying goes , “you can’t have it both ways”!!! You stop with your criminal behaviors of disturbing innocent people’s lives thru your crooked peleg protests , then the police will have NO NEED to attack you and create the smell!!!
    As to the innocent bystanders , let them ostracize and punish those that commit the crimes and move out when police retaliate!!!! Time to FINALLY put an end to these protests by oisvorfs who would rather protest and batel away their time rather than be in the bais hamedrash or work where THEY BELONG!!!!!!!

  10. sorry, but it wasn’t peleg that was protesting in kikar shabbat and Shvtei Israel areas about the autopsy it was mainly chassidim