IDF Bombs Gaza To Retaliate For Roadside Bomb, Shots Fired At Aircraft; 2 Terrorists Killed


The IDF attacked Hamas terrorist targets in northern Gaza on the night of 27 Nissan, Wednesday night to Thursday, in retaliation for automatic weapons fire that set off incoming rocket warning sirens.

The sirens were activated as a result of the machine gun fire of a terrorist squad at an aircraft. The shooting did not damage the aircraft. The IDF attacked the rocket squad from the air.

The Palestinians reported that an activist in the Hamas military wing was killed in the attack, while another was seriously wounded. The operative is part of the Moabite squad – Hamas forces which are positioned as a nightly defense against Israeli attack or penetration.

Also on Thursday, the IDF confirms a bomb placed along the Gaza fence to southern Israel detonated on Wednesday against an IDF D-9, which was clearing the road as is done daily. Immediately following the explosion of the IED, tank fire was directed at a terrorist outlook position.

Abdullah al-Shehri, 28, was shot and killed while throwing stones at soldiers stationed behind the border fence, witnesses told the Associated Press. The IDF said it was unaware of the incident.

Thursday’s fatalities raises the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli fire over the past two weeks to 34.

There was also machine gun fire directed into Israel, striking a home in a border community. B’chasdei Hashem there were no fatalities or injuries.

The IDF said that “the IDF considers the Hamas terrorist organization responsible for and from any terrorist activity in Gaza and will act decisively against any attempt to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians or IDF forces acting in their defense.”

(AP / YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)