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Terror Returns to Jerusalem on Sunday

Terror has seemed to return to Jerusalem and the surrounding area on Sunday as attacks took place around the clock.

The first attack took place near the mosque in the northern neighborhod of Beit Hanina, when Arab terrorist threw molotov cocktails at the lightrail trains that were passing through their neighborhood. Luckily no one was injured in the attack but some damage was cused to the light rail train cars. Police and security forces and conducting searches in and around the neighborhood to apprehend the assailants.

In a separate incident, a number of masked Arab men attacked security forces that were operating in the Muslim neighborhood of Isawiya also in northern Jerusalem. A police cruiser suffered major damage to its windshield as the assailants threw large rocks at the security forces.

A third incident occurred in the City of David, adjacent to the old city of Jerusalem. Four masked Arab men attacked a Jewish man as he was passing through the neighborhood on the Path of Righteousness Street. Security forces were called to the scene and are searching for the assailants.

In the only incident in which an injury was reported, Arab terrorists threw rocks at an Israeli bus traveling on Highway 60 just north of Jerusalem between the towns of Hizme and Adam. United Hatzalah volunteer first responders treated one person who was lightly injured when rocks were thrown at the bus. A spokesperson for the organization said: “United Hatzalah volunteers from the Binyamin Region responded to the attack on the bus that had left the Hizme area before it was attacked on the main highway to Adam. Our responders arrived in less than three minutes from the time the call went out and treated one person who was lightly injured in the incident.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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