WATCH: Hagaon HaRav Yitzchak Yosef: There Is No Mitzva To Travel To Meron On Lag B’Omer



Rishon L’Tzion HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Yosef Shlita during his motzei Shabbos shiur mentioned Lag B’Omer, stating there is no mitzva to travel to the tziyun of the Rashbi, an announcement he makes annually.

The rav cited the travels involved in making the trip results in a great deal of bitul Torah, and therefore, one should continue with one’s regular learning schedule.

The rav added HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZT”L continued his limud as was the case in Yeshivat Porat Yosef, as back then, the masses did not travel to Meron on Lag B’Omer.

The rav advises those who are having a chalaka (upsherin) can take a break and do so at the tziyun of Shimon HaTzaddik or Shmuel HaNavi, in Yerushalayim.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. He may as well have said there’s no mitzvah to wear a blue sweater on Tuesday. Of course, he could have added that there’s no mitzvah to have an upsherin, either.

  2. No one claims it is a mitsvah. People go because it is fun. Frum Jews consider it FUN to hang out with other frum Jews honoring long dead tsadikkim. But no one claims it is a mitsvah to do so.

  3. Reb Yid:

    I happen to agree with the Rav. There may be nice things spiritually from being in Meron of Lag Baomer. But he is pointing out that the spiritual cost is greater. But typical to today’s culture, things that are segulos and nice have managed to be treated as mitzvos, with people concocting all sorts of chumros etc. That is definitely not indicated.

    Some years ago, there was a campaign to raise funds for something (probably a recognized tzedokoh) that would involve a minyan of talmidei chachomim who would recite tehilim for 40 consecutive days at the Kosel in exchange for a donation. The endorsement of Rav Elyashiv was sought, and he refused. He stated openly that this fabrication of 40-day campaigns was ridiculous. He said that every tefiloh recited by the Kosel is special, and that tacking on a 40-day thing was silly. We have evolved into a culture that manufactures segulos, takes nice things and converts them into obligatory mitzvos, and even makes all this into a marketing for fund raising. This is finally getting some challenge.

    No one minimizes the greatness of Meron and the kevarim of tzaddikim, Reb Shimon, Reb Elozor, Reb Yochanan Hasandlar, Beis Hillel, and others. But it has grown into a carnival environment, nothing similar to what the Ari Zal addressed.

  4. Nobody claims that it’s one of the 613 mitzvos. People like to go there to pray as a segula. I’ll never understand why people who go always get maligned by holier than thou proclamations by various Rabbonim and others. Please live and let live.

  5. Rebbe yid why do you think it’s ok to br מזלזל a minhag of klal yisroel? And regarding meron it’s brought down in many sfarim that there’s an inyan to go to the kever of a tzadik on his yaartzeit.

  6. @Rebbe Yid what’s your point to make fun of a Gaon? He’s saying it because there’s a big misconception nowadays. Stop judging, especially rabbis.

  7. דעת תורה

    Harav Hagaon R.Y.S. ELYASHIV ZT”L the POSEK HADOR was fully aware,

    1) of the ספרים הקדושים who write about all the השפעות טובות by being Lag Baomer in Meron.
    2) of all the Gedolim of the past and present who traveled to Meron for Lag Baomer.
    3) of the hundreds of thousands of Yidden who get inspiration & Chizuk in Meron on Lag Baomer.
    4) of the thousands of ישועות & מופתים that happen every year to those who travel to Meron for Lag Baomer.

    This might be one of the rare occasions where one can be מקיים the Chazal of ” ‘אפילו אומרים לך על ימין שהוא שמאל וכו”

  8. Wondering what he says regarding the “mitzvah” ??of going to Uman on Rosh Hashono which also became like a carnival and convention?????????????