Ahead of Lag Ba’Omer, Large Fires Burn in Elad, No Injuries


Baruch Hashem, no injuries were reported after two large fires struck the Charedi city of  Elad in central Israel on Wednesday. The brush fires began in fields around the city and quickly spread due to the strong winds and dry conditions in the atmosphere.

The fire endangered houses on Rabbeinu Tam Street and burned gardens and fields that lay between the houses and behind them.

Fire and Rescue Department staff and volunteers worked to maintain control of the fire and close it in before it was able to cause damage to houses or claim any lives. By using a circumferential tactic and creating a ring of dead space around the fire, firefighters succeeded at eventually putting out the flames after having directed the conflagration away from the buildings.

Another large fire broke out on Wednesday morning in the forest near the city’s security road. This fire was likewise threatened some of the houses that lay nearby. Early on, the fire raged out of control and firefighters were called in from all surrounding stations and dispatch centers in order to help gain control of the blaze. the fire took hours to put out but was eventually completely doused.

Due to the dry weather and strong winds, Fire and Rescue Services across Israel called upon citizens to refrain from lighting bonfires in celebration of L’ag Ba’Omer. Instead, city and regional councils have instructed community and cultural centers to remain open and hold events that will draw children and families away from the dangers of lighting bonfires that could easily get out of control.

(YWN israel Desk – Jerusalem)