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PHOTOS: 25 Chareidim Complete Israel Police Course; Now 350 Chareidi Police Officers


Twenty-five chareidim are the latest members of Israel Police, successfully completing the department’s course.

At the end of the training program, 25 chareidi cadets completed a police course during which they were certified as policemen, passed weapons certification and joined the organization as regular policemen. The policemen were recruited as part of the military service (Shacham) and civilian service for two and two years and 8 months.

The recruitment of a chareidi unit in the police began less than four years ago and has since recruited more than 350 chareidim. The officers who completed the training will serve in various units in a variety of positions, including: patrol, intelligence, investigations, Lahav and classified units.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

15 Responses

  1. Hashem yeracheim! Sheirut leumi goes against the psak of all the Gedolim of this generation and of previous generations.
    How can a site that claims to represent ‘Yeshiva’ values promote something like this? Is there no shame?

  2. Chareidim ? They don’t look like Chareidim to me. This is a bunch of Propaganda = this is information that is not objective and is used primarily to influence a Charedi audience and further BAD – EVIL agenda, this is a way of trying to convince the Charedin to join them Chas VeSholom, in other words to join the Schmed שמד of the Israeli government…

  3. guy,

    How else do you expect these 350 men to support their families? Are you volunteering to do so or just criticizing? Any minute now, our resident troll Joseph will comment that they’re not real charedim. The two of you would rather see their families go hungry, just to support your twisted, myopic, hateful opinions.

  4. good to see charadim going out in to the Israeli work force. Soon perhaps they will be accepted in the private sector as well as the public….

    Mitzva to provide parnassa for one’s family!

  5. Ashreicha ma tov helkeicha to to yeshivish guy if you are the “real” thing but with the very many difficulties in our haredi world and harsh realties to bring a minimumparnassah 70 years after the shoah with a dor used to having food on the table-decent schools and nice clothing and so on-many gedolim have come to realize you have to give those who are not heading towards strict yeshiva life -options to find their way and still maintain their religious values.By the way- Most strong yeshivaleit in our circles do not connect to internet news (no offense)-

  6. Ayeshivishguy, The ban of joining Sheirut Leumi by Gedolei Yisrael was specifically referring to Bnos Yisrael. The idea is that a young woman should not be in a position of subservience to another man.

    I don’t think that this the case when the cadets are men.

    Mazal tov to the graduating class!

  7. Ayeshivishguy, while you are probably making a comfortable living in an administrative position which your parents or relatives passed down to you (or living off kollel), many others struggle for a parnasah. Lack of employment and poverty is a very real thing (especially in E’Y). I commend these men for having a dedication to serve and protect others, earn a parnasah for their family, and setting a positive kiddush Hashem for those in the public-force who are secular.

    Please don’t use absolute words and incorrectly say that this was the psak of “ALL” Gedolim, present and past- because that is untrue.

  8. “Moshiach is on his way”, They don’t look like Chareidim to you??. What if someone told you that you don’t even look Jewish to them. What if R’ Moshe Feinstein and the Chofetz Chaim don’t look Jewish to you either?

    If you will make such an accusation that they don’t look like Charedim you should only tell it directly to all 1. Them. 2. Their spouses and children 3. Their parents 4. Their Rav of their shul/yeshiva, that he has someone in his minyan/shiurim who doesn’t look Chareidy. I respectfully have no interest to hear who you think looks a certain way or not (hint– B’Selem Elokim).

  9. TGI
    You could also add that these men are doing a very important job, and, they will feel good at the end of their shift that they worked and will have that satisfied tiredness from their job

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