PHOTOS: Thursday Protest Outside Jaffa Military Courthouse For Frum Woman


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On Thursday, 10 Sivan, buses will leave Jerusalem at 9:00AM and take protesters to the Jaffa Military Courthouse where proceedings continue against a female convert who is frum, but not recognized by such as the IDF and therefore drafted for military service. Buses will also be taking protesters from Beit Shemesh, calling on the tzibur to participate “before they come to our homes and take our daughters for IDF service R”L.

HaGaon HaRav Yehuda Adas has also sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu regarding the plight of the woman in question, testifying to the fact she is frum in every aspect of her life. He refers to two women in his letter, Chazina Chen bas Sarah and Yuval bas Tamar. Rav Adas calls on PM Netanyahu to become involved in the matter immediately towards securing their release.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Chen bas Sarah has already been in prison for over a month. She has been denied a hearing to determine her religious status. Her case has been repeatedly postponed, meaning that she was ineligible for parole over Shavuos and stayed in prison over Yom Tov.
    Yuval completed her 20-day sentence and was released but without a religious exemption, meaning that she could be rearrested at any time.
    Gevald Yidden! Where are your hearts? A ger tzedek sat in prison over Shavuos, when we read Megillas Rus, and nobody blinked an eyelid. What do you think the army will do next when they realize they can trample on frum Yidden like this? Where are your hearts?

  2. BS’D
    P’sites, just to mention: Before or after the total fall of the egel hazohov medine comes Mosiah Cidkejni. Since di hajlige Minkacser Ruv, Minhas eluzer nismoszajni said about, and as well as di hajlige Reb Jojlis in the Vajoel Mojse. Tekef u’mijad every jid back to it’s original country of golus, why you tend to think that the medine is not golus. There is no self redemption. No self mosiach, No jaale be’hajmo , no alije jehidis.