Rockets Flew Overhead As Wheat Was Being Cut By Eida Chareidis For Pesach Matzos


During the past days, mashgichim of the Eida Chareidis were out in the wheat fields found close to the Gaza border and for some of them, it was more than a bit unpleasant as rockets began flying overhead on Tuesday, 15 Sivan.

The rocket fire however did not compel the mashgichim to abandon their mission, but they continued as planned toward ensuring the wheat was cut as necessary to be placed in storage for the coming Pesach.

Unlike previous years, this time, the cutting was somewhat delayed, since in some of the fields, the wheat was not sufficiently ready for harvesting.

The mashgichim explained time is a critical factor, and they decided they had to keep harvesting as planned so that the wheat is not disqualified for use for matzos. When asked how they worked without any protective devices around, they responded HKBH looked out for them and the fact שלוחי מצווה אינם ניזוקים.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If there was true danger and they stayed out there, I think “shomer pesa’im Hashem” might be more appropriate than “sheluchei mitzva einan nizaken”, which does not apply in a makom sakana.

    an Israeli Yid

  2. Shluchei Mitzva eino nizakim doesn’t apply when it is a clear present danger you are going into. It probably had more to do with MONEY and pre$$ure from an abu$ive bo$$.

  3. I guess Hammas was nothing aware that their friends from the Aidah Hachreidis were working the fields, just cannot imagine Hammas wanting to hurt those anti- zionists

  4. There is the ultimate issue of common sense. Whether its the money or a sense of religious obligation, if you sense sakanas nefesh, you are mamash a tipesh gamur to go about business as usual. Stop trying to find some inyan of halacha as providing “permission” to use the sechel granted to you by the Ebeshter.