Meah Shearim Hoodlums Know No Boundaries – Attack Firefighters Responding To House Fire


Once again, firefighters responding to a blaze in Meah Shearim found themselves under attack by hoodlums, who feel persons coming to save lives and property are legitimate targets for their misplaced anger and rage against anything and anyone representing a state agency.

The fire department was called for a blaze in Batei Warsaw and found themselves being targeted by delinquents throwing rocks at them. They also used garbage cans to block arriving vehicles.

B’chasdei Hashem, firefighters did not abandon their mission of extinguishing the blaze in response to the attacks.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Nebish
    Pray tell how one keeps Al todin ess chavercho??????? I would love to know how they answer ve shomarto ess nafshoysaychem?
    Also how they explain chilul Hashem?
    Has so called orthodox jewdism lost its way to such an extent that they have become corrupt policemen of the Torah.

  2. This is out of control. The Jewish Community must address this terrible situation of these Rioters. They either must behave like with dignity, kindness, consideration, decent humans or get out of Israel- they don’t deserve to be there

  3. Hundreds of Thousand of Yeshiva Boys and Men Learn in Yeshivas all over Israel, they File and Get Exemptions And they freely live Torah life. This Proves The Lies of These Rioters who are Rioting for the Sake of Violence and Hate, they BITTUL ZMAN in Streets, they Abuse other people, and are inconsiderate harassers

  4. when some one or group thinks that they are sooooo righteous because they speak only yiddish and wear rags from a previous generation, you know that something is wrong in their head: NO BRAINS zombies in frum dress!

  5. WorkBoy: so you think the state authorities should act in a supra-judicial manner toward frum Jews. No trial, no formal indictment, no evidence, nothing. Just round up a few guys that might have been hanging around the area at that time and make up some cute punishment for them to get them to “stop this behavior.” I wonder what you have in mind for arab terrorists who set fires, etc. along the Gaza border. It’s a good thing there is a secular High Court of Justice in this country that wouldn’t allow such capricious and irrational “punishments.”

  6. How do you know that the reason is because of hatred for the government? A search shows up a major fire in 2016 allegedly caused by an illegal matzo factory, and in 2011 a major internal conflict between different sects which led to one burning down the other (including setting fire to a building with a baby in it). So maybe these hoodlums want the place to burn down either because they are hiding something they fear wil be uncovered by the firemen or else they belong to a different sect that prefers the building burn down rather than be owned by a rival.

  7. @american_yerushalmi :
    I realize that there are some people here, like yourself, who still drag their knuckles on the floor and cannot comprehend what other people write. So, let me address this in a way, those feeble minded individuals, like yourself, can understand,
    – “Just round up a few guys”: Did I say that? please show me where I did. There are cameras and videos where they can find exactly who did this. And yes, they should be tried as adults and punished as adults.
    – ” I wonder what you have in mind for arab terrorists who set fires, etc. along the Gaza border”: No trial needed, just shoot them.
    – “irrational punishments”: why is this irrational? their behavior is completely against the Torah and common decency. The punishment that I suggest is very apropos for these low lifes who have nothing to do with their lives but beat up on those protecting them.
    Now, go crawl back into that little hole you crawled out of.

  8. Will someone please remember that Tisha B’Av is coming up? And after that Elul and then Yom HaDin? I also think that this kind of behavior is a Chillul HaShem, but there are ways of expressing outrage without being crude.

    As far as punishment goes, we have to stay within the law, period, but there are legal means for dealing with these people.

    My personal opinion is that these are largely kids who have for all practical purposes left learning and don’t work, so they have nothing to do and no self-respect. They should be arrested and the parents contacted. They should then be put into some sort of framework that will get them off the streets, and under legal supervision to make sure they stay out of trouble. Throwing rocks is never acceptable, and anyone who does so – adult or teen – should be arrested and charged. Burning dumpsters is also illegal, and hazardous to everyone around, and people who do so should be arrested. So far no one has really imposed any consequences on what are actually mini-riots. Arrest them and let the courts do their work.