Young Chareidi Male Caught Smuggling Cocaine Returning From Uman


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A young chareidi male returning from Uman was apprehended by customs inspectors at Ben-Gurion International Airport smuggling five kilograms (11 pounds) of cocaine.

The young man was returning from the tziyun of Rav Nachman ZT”L ZY”A together with friends. He appeared suspicious to agents, who pulled him over for closer inspection. He was arrested and since arraigned and remains in jail pending an indictment against him and a criminal trial.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. To all those who want to emerge from the woodwork with the statement דן לכף זכות, I say, stop it! The Chachomim never said to deny fact. That would be dishonesty, and that was never a guidance from Chachomim. If one wishes to provide alternative explanations for the fact, one may. Further investigation might disprove them, but until then, one may believe.

    Once again, we are reading of chareidi people getting caught in drug trade. Whatever the level of involvement is, it is certainly criminal, and deserves to be addressed that way. Let’s hope that we don’t observe Rabbonim intervening to withdraw the charges as they did with the abusive rebbe.

    Perhaps, if we raised our younger generation to be self-sufficient, and not dependent on handouts, there would not be such thirst for money. Just wondering.

  2. Little
    So your point is that businessmen who have enough don’t thirst for more money? I would say by the level of gashmius in our kehilla that disproves that theory

  3. easy money: taking an unknown package from an unknown person in exchange for a lot of money…..

    Some charadi boys are totally ignorant of what is going on and others know and care not….

    hard to call the shot here….

  4. TLIK; So how many Charedim are there? Hundreds of thousands? How many were caught smuggling drugs? 3, 4, 5? Real trend there, don’t you think?

  5. The more I read the more I begin to wonder if we haven’t got a whole population of young Chareidi guys who are under the radar and not doing well – not learning, not working, not in the IDF, and just hanging out ripe for getting into trouble.

    Perhaps the Chareidi rabbonim and social workers could could do some serious research and some serious soul searching. There’s a real problem with young people going off the derech but still staying in the community and their families. We’re beginning to have that problem in the US, too, and not just with young people.

    A wake-up call?

  6. mentsch1:

    There is no shortage of people who thirst for money. In the business world, there are opportunities, and those in business have the options to pursue those. The non-workers believe that going to work is somehow assur or against Torah (in defiance of the countless psukim and words of Chazal that say otherwise). Just following recent events as reported in the media, these people have been engaging in this illegal trafficking to make cold hard cash. If we just calculate the dollar value, this beats schnorring for quarters or loose change.

  7. takah mamash not sure if those are the only 2 options but your comment got me thinking the drugs aside from the danger theyr are in of themselves thsi will be goirem now enormous tzar for parents, a ball tashchis of crazy money for lawyers , and finally all the aveiros that prison brings rav miller asked a bochur that was smoking , lets say smoking is not asur min hadin , how many days of tefilin will be missed due to the machlos & shortening of life … ubacharta bachaim ” roeh es hanolad”

  8. NOT everyone is cut out to sit & learn a whole day. It is not an aveira to earn an HONEST LIVING. The sooner our Ra Bonim will realize this, the less ethical (geneiva, stealing public funds, benefits taking unjustly) problems will be.
    Those who can’t sit a whole day & learn, and forgo all the gashmius, let them learn a “parnassa kala v’nekiya” ,& shalom al yisrael.

  9. let’s repeat Uncle ben’s post

    “TLIK; So how many Charedim are there? Hundreds of thousands?
    How many were caught smuggling drugs? 3, 4, 5?
    Real trend there, don’t you think?”

  10. Because he is “religious” he’ll get away with it. He should get harsher punishment because of the hypocrisy & lifestyle he purports to follow.

  11. “parnassa kala v’nekiya” ,& shalom al yisrael.

    What is considered parnasa kala unikeeya in todays day and age?