Police Make An Arrest In Kosel Parking Lot Protection Racket


Israel Police shut down a “protection racket” operating at a parking lot near the Kosel.

During the weekend, the police conducted a focused operation against the collection of “protection money” near the Old City, due to a number of cases reported to the police in recent days, according to which innocent civilians parked in a public parking lot near the Old City of Jerusalem. Persons would approach and demand money to make certain their car was not damaged while parked.

During the undercover operation, police parked a vehicle in a public lot near the Kosel and were approached by a youth who demanded money to ensure the vehicle was not damaged while parked. When the undercover policeman refused, the suspect threw a stone at the vehicle, damaging it. The police placed the 16-year-old in custody. He has already been arraigned and his remand was extended.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)