PHOTOS: Israel Police Operation To Verify The Road Worthiness Of Trucks And Buses



As part of an enforcement operation conducted by police in Jerusalem against heavy vehicles, including trucks and buses, 141 summonses were issued for life-threatening and safety-related offenses. Forty-six vehicles were removed from the road and a truck driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

This is part of the determined activity of the Israel Police in the enforcement of traffic laws and the safety of vehicles on the road, with an emphasis on heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses that have a severe to fatal potential in the event of an accident.

The enforcement operation that took place on Tuesday night in Jerusalem and its effects is a direct result of a focused analysis by the traffic police, who have focused their activity in places where there is heavy traffic of trucks and buses as well as school buses, and also taking into consideration the safety of all road users and pedestrians.

During the operation, the police stopped a truck driver for questioning and his driver’s examination revealed that his driver’s license had been revoked and that he was not allowed to drive at all. 141 summonses were issued during the operation, of which 115 were against heavy vehicle drivers, 17 were against bus drivers, and a number of additional summonses were issued to private vehicles and two wheeled vehicles for life-threatening offenses.

In the course of the operation, 45 vehicles were prevented from committing life-threatening offenses and injuries. One vehicle stopped in a dangerous location was towed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photos: Israel Police Spokesman Unit)