PHOTOS: Jerusalem Municipality Cleaning Up Tzur Bahar, Including Damage From ‘Intifada’ Violence



Neighborhood police on Tuesday, 27 Tammuz, operated along with residents of the Arab Tzur Bahar neighborhood of Yerushalayim, working with city officials to clean their community of trash and the remains of fires and other damage caused during rioting. An emphasis was placed on safety issues.

This is part of the involvement of the police in the fabric of life and the environment of the residents of the neighborhoods in Arab neighborhoods in order to make them accessible to all residents who live in Jerusalem.

On Tuesday night, the eve of 28 Tammuz, following organizational efforts by community patrol police, together with the neighborhood committee of Wadi Humus and the local residents, they arrived at el-Muntar Square in Sur Baher, and by means of tractors and manual labor they removed tons of waste that accumulated in the area, blocking residents from passing the quality of life axis, which includes direct access to a school.

The place where the waste was collected is defined as outside the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem Municipality, but through direct contact between the police, local neighborhood police, and residents, a solution was found to access the area to regentrify it.

The policemen have been operating in Sur Baher for a period of great intensity on behalf of the residents, for their welfare and for strengthening the connection between the residents and the police and the local authority.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Jerusalem Police Spokesman Unit)