Degel Hatorah Elections In Betar Illit Yield Surprising Results


A change resulted as a result of the internal mini-primaries of Degel Hatorah in Betar Illit: Dudi Zlatz (זלץ), a young activist in Degel Hatorah, was elected to the first position in the Degel Hatorah in the city during the internal elections in which 25 people participated.

Only two representatives competed in the internal elections: Deputy Mayor Yitzhak Ravitz and head of the office of MK Yaakov Asher, Dudi Zlatz. Zlatz ousted the veteran member of the movement, Yitzhak Ravitz as head of the party in Betar. He received 15 votes, while Ravitz received 10 votes.

The elections began on Tuesday evening at 8:00PM, operating for forty-five minutes. The venue was the Haran Yeshiva, where Itzhak Reich, head of the Rechasim Council was appointed by Degel Hatorah MKs to run the party’s primaries in Betar Illit.

Members of Degel from other cities are “jealous” about what is going on in Betar. While Shlomi Emunim adopted the idea of ​​primaries in several cities, Degel did not succeed in replicating the initiative and saying that the primaries in Betar are definitely a “role model”.

The BaKehilla newspaper reported that in the Degel Hatorah branch in Beit Shemesh the proposal for internal primaries was raised, but because they “remembered late,” this time around, they would give up on the primaries.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)