El Al Plane Had Passenger With Measles On Board!


elal21.jpgIsrael’s Health Ministry has issued an alert to anyone who was on an El Al flight #002 (New York to Tel Aviv) on Monday – and has not been vaccinated for measles. The flight which departed NYC at 9:35PM EST, and arrived at Ben Gurion at 2:33PM Monday, had a 13-year-old girl on board who has been diagnosed with the measles.

The Health Ministry is asking anyone who traveled on the flight who is not vaccinated to visit the ministry and receive a vaccine immediately.


  1. Why wasn’t this girl vaccinated ? Even if for some reason her parents don’t believe in vaccination, don’t they have the decency to show minimal consideration for others who might be exposed ?

  2. um that’s not really true. Israelis sometimes return home after they go visiting in america. she could be american- but that’s not the way to prove it.

  3. NotFromBrooklyn, she WAS vaccinated, as was anyone else, in London, or Israel, who came down with measles. If you care to research the history of the measles epidemic, you will see that the outbreaks occured, and was spread by, fully vaccinated individuals.

  4. And also, can we not act as if measles is the bubonic plague?
    When the chicken pox shot was just being marketed, and parents were questioning why their kids needed yet ANOTHER shot, the response from the drug companies was: it is a “convenience” shot, given so parents will not have to miss work. But then suddenly it’s mandated! And you just watch, in a few years, if someone does come down with the chicken pox, people will act as if it’s the bubonic plague. But if chicken pox is so deadly why market it on basis of “convenience?” Answer: because it’s not deadly!

    And it used to be the same with measles.

  5. #2 – I know that it was just a joke, but the recent measles outbreak in Israel was primarily within the nonZionistic charedi population!

  6. #6- Tell that to a pregnant lady who gets chicken pox…. or to my MIL when my husband nearly had to be hospitalized when he had it as a teenager!

  7. tootired- I’m sorry I’ll have to correct you. Measles is nothing like chicken pox. Don’t let the rash confuse you. PLEASE READ ON.

    I’m a nurse, and let me tell you- Measles can be nasty and is INCREDIBLY contagious because it hangs out in the respiratory system- a cough or sneeze etc. It can cause a variety of complications like pneumonia, and can even travel to the brain and cause encephilitis. So yeah, the mortality from this may not be as high as other diseases, but the morbidity, and time spent in the hospital with pneumonia stuggling to breath, or with inflamation and possible related intracranial pressure/swelling in the brain are not something to sniff at either. Remember that anyone who is immoncompromised has a 30% chance of DYING from measles and related complications. So let’s not be frivolous with other’s state of wellbing.
    Were you on the flight?
    1) keep in mind that measles can incubate for about 2 weeks
    2) are you coughing with a runny nose and pink eye? If so, go to your doctor. This is what the beginning signs of measles looks like.
    3) if you have spots in your mouth that are red with a dark spot (black or dark blue) in the middle, wash your hands well, put on a face mask (like surgeons or construction workers wear) or breath through a thin towel- sorry those spots are diagnostic (Koplik’s spots).
    RU immonocompromised?
    1) You are Immunocompromised- you have been on corticosteriods for a long time (methylprednisone or any other steriod- multiple cortisone shots for a long time )or You are were recently on chemotherapy or you’re just a teenager with anorexia (malnutrition can knock out your immune system.
    2) you were not vaccinated. Believe it or not, there is a totally unfounded school of thought out there that thinks that if you don’t get vaccinated, your body will somehow fight these diseases. wrong. it didn’t work when these diseases were an epidemic, so I’m not sure why ppl think that that would work now. (especially now when we know congenital immunity has not improved- think about the increased rates of allergies every year.)

    This is a serious issue. Not just an issue of not wanting to miss work. I have seen patients spend a lot of time in the ICU and have serious long term complications because they thought a measles or rubella shot was just an issue of convenience.

  8. Why do people ask stupid rhetorical questions on this site like “Why wasn’t this girl vaccinated?” Are you expecting her to respond?

  9. People can get deafness as a result of the measles. How can some uneducated person just go ahead and make statements without having a clue what they are talking about (tootired!!)? Go speak to a doctor before you spout hogwash to the world.