Red Alerts Throughout The North, Israel Fires David’s Sling Anti-Missle System

A David's Sling system fires a test missile, 2015. Credit: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Syria Fighting

The first sirens sounded throughout northern Israeli areas shortly after 10:00AM on Monday morning, 11 Menachem Av. Sirens were heard in many areas including the Golan Heights, Tzefas, Upper Galil, and the Meron HaGalil Regional Council. There was more than one siren in some areas. Explosions were reportedly heard in northern areas.

The rockets, which appeared to be heading into Israel, ultimately landed in Syria.

The IDF Spokesman Unit at about 10:30AM released the following message: “The alarms that were heard in northern Israel were the result of launches that were carried out as part of the internal fighting in Syria.”

“As a result, two David’s Sling interceptors were fired at the rockets, as there was a fear they could strike Israeli territory. The Syrian rockets… landed inside Syrian territory. No damage was caused, and there were no injuries.”

This is believed to be the first known use of the David’s Sling anti-missle system, which was declared operational last year.

Summer camps and daycare centers have resumed regular schedules as the IDF instructs northern residents and the many visitors enjoying the area during bein hazmanim, to continue with planned events.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)