Jerusalem Police Apprehend Chareidim Vandalizing Female Candidates’ Bus Ads [VIDEOS]


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Police have apprehended two suspects involved in defacing buses and removing election ad posters for Jerusalem mayoral candidate Rachel Azariya.

Police began the probe on Sunday, 10 Menachem Av, after receiving reports chareidim were defacing bus ads bearing the candidates’ face.

Police on Monday night arrested two chareidi suspects caught red handed defacing a sign, both 15-years-old.

They are being taken for an arraignment hearing in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. we should daven for them. its a real mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim, being arrested al kiddush hashem , for protecting the sanctity of the machane.

  2. first of all it is very insensitive of Egged and Azariya to put her face in ultra orthodox areas. So do not blame 100% the idiot extremists. They are only 50% to blame; the rest of the blame rests on Egged and Azariya for their stupidity in putting a women’s face in a place where it was certain to cause problems…

    And don’t think Egged and Azariya do not know this…..

  3. I can’t believe the comments here. An extreme minority does not get to decide what ads a bus company can accept. This is a chilul HaShem, from start to finish. Chareidim don’t own their neighborhoods, and they don’t have a right to decide what everyone else is allowed to see.