Bennet Seeking To Mend Fences With The Druse Community After Passage Of Nationality Law


The Nationality Law approved in Knesset has raised a storm in the Druse community that opposes it. Minister Naftali Bennett said in response that “after discussions with many of our Druse brothers, it appears that the law has severely harmed them and those who have linked their fate to the Jewish state. He continued to write in his Twitter account that “those blood brothers who stand shoulder to shoulder with us on the battlefield and make a covenant of life with us, and we, the Government of Israel, is responsible for finding a way to heal the rift.”

The law enshrines the State of Israel as the Jewish Homeland, Hebrew as the official language, permits communities for Jews exclusively, and more, towards stifling any and all efforts to define Israel as equally belonging to any other than the Jewish People.

The Forum of the Druse Authority has already partnered with others to challenge the law in the High Court of Justice. The Druse community serves in the IDF and Israel Police, and has sacrificed many sons for the state, now feeling more than slighted by the bill.

Also signed on the petition to the court is MK (Kulanu) Akram Hasoon, whose party is a member of the coalition government and he is a member of the Druse community.

Hasson voted against the law. “We have no problem with the Jewish people and we have no problem that the State of Israel is the home of the Jewish people, but what about us” he asks.

It should be noted that in Bennet’s party, Bayit Yehudi, there is a Druse branch in the village of Kasra in the Upper Galil with about 1,000 members. When in the upcoming elections to the twenty-first Knesset, a representative from the community is expected to run for the Knesset’s on the party’s list.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)