Secular Vacationers Complain Of “IRAN-STYLE MODESTSY” As Israeli Hotels Accommodate Chareidi Guests


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The following report is based on a Yediot Achronot article released on Sunday, 17 Menachem Av, pertaining to the Leonardo Club Hotel in the Dead Sea, which took steps to accommodate chareidim, eliciting the ire of some secular guests at the hotel.

The complaints include the fact that non-Jewish help was used on Shabbos, persons who were directly supervised by Jews who were telling them what to do, to accommodate the chareidim. In addition, divisions and mechitzas were set up, and there was a sign that there was no poolside food on Shabbos and there would only be separate swimming. The hotel’s beachfront area was also separated to accommodate the chareidim, the report adds.

Work began on Shabbos afternoon at about 1:00PM, Kikar Shabbos News reports, towards accommodating the chareidim who would be arriving. Some of the work was done by non-Jews, with close Jewish supervision. ‘Y’ is quoted saying that the mechitzah was set up on the beach as in the pool area, as well as an area of the dining room being segregated. Both secular and dati leumi guests were witness to the ongoing chilul Shabbos to accommodate the chareidim.

Hotel officials are quoted saying that work had been ongoing as a group of chareidim booked all the rooms for a week, and the hotel was seeing to it that their requests are met.

There were reportedly complaints from non-religious hotel guests in the Carlton Hotel in Nahariya as well, as they were asked to be considerate of a group of religious people who would be vacationing in the hotel. The notice stated, “Guests and members take note!! beginning on the 24th of July until the 8th of August, a group of religious people will be guests in the hotel. We are asking they you dress modestly (not undershirts), with pants until at least the knees – men and women alike. On Shabbos, 28 July, the workout room will be closed, and it will reopen on motzei Shabbos. Thank you for your cooperation”.

Hotel officials responded: The hotel respects all Israeli citizens. The hotel hosted a religious group that has rented the hotel. The hotel has no preference and/or gender discrimination. The hotel does not exclude any public from its gates, but rather seeks to take into consideration the feelings of others.

Uri Mesgav, who has a column in Haaretz and identifies with the left-wing, has established a hotline number for reports of guests who felt ignored as a result of the religious, Kikar adds. In a social media posting that has gone viral, he writes, “Here is an opportunity to teach a lesson to the Carlton Hotel Nahariya. Two weeks of Iran-style modesty and defamation. I expect secular people not to approach Carlton, to cancel future bookings there, to demand compensation if they are already there.”

“I am waiting for companies in the economy to announce a total boycott and that they will not be hosting more guests from abroad, just like with El Al a few weeks ago. Let’s show them the balance of power. You will not believe how fast they will fold. Do not settle for a ‘like’. Please spread and share with all your might. Thank you for your cooperation”.

YWN NOTES: Mesgav might want to look into what really occurred in the EL Al story.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The real chilul Hashem are jews who walk around half naked in summer months with no respect for themselves or for others. How bachwards the world has become.

  2. The seculars who pretend to be human and normal are extremely disgusting! No basic respect for other people. This is what happens when they don’t have a Torah.

    Almost everywhere else in the entire civilized world here is a basic respect for other people. Disgusting disgusting disgusting

  3. it is a closed hotel for 2 weeks or 3 weeks. It is rented out to the Charedim just like close hotel for Pesach and Succos in France, Romania, Hungry, Czec, etc. Only where you have the leftist newspaper who go and fight this. They have the right to rent the whole hotel for the two weeks too., Just wanting to stir up trouble between two group.

  4. @shimen, well said. The secular try to pretend there are many ways to keep being Jewish so they label them “charedi”, do a “little” searching what are the laws of your religion!
    Even Arabs have their laws and they keep them.
    Secular do whatever they want and pretend they are acting Jewish.

    As many times in history the worst Jew haters are Jewish. It’s because deep down they know they are living the wrong/fake/meaningless lifestyle.

  5. Make modest style the rule in all Israeli hotels.
    Swimming times different for men and women.
    Have a huge screen on top of the whole pool area.

  6. Its called buisness! There is demand for glatt kosher seperate swimming hotels during the summer. People who want to make money will seize the opportunity to make their hotel religious freindly. If your not happy with it, don’t go! The same way religious people don’t go to non-religious mixed pools and don’t complain. They know what they are going to get before signing up! They are upset that frum people are slowly becoming a majority in Israel and more and more places that cater to their needs are popping up.