Dati Leumi Tzibur Up in Arms Against the New Israel Fund


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The Chotam organization is launching a campaign this week that ostensibly reveals proof that the New Israel Fund’s goal is to harm religious Zionism, the dati leumi community in Israel.

“In recent years, the New Israel Fund has invested a great deal of money in thinking about changing Israeli society from the inside so that it will be more suited to the fund’s desire to turn the State of Israel into a state of all its citizens.”

“For example, in the campaign of incitement, which comes to the headlines every week, we are concerned about the development and intensification of organizations funded by the fund. The new fund is struggling with the Bayit Yehudi party, as well as against the flagship institutions of religious Zionism, for example, Yeshivat Bnei David and its related intuitions where my husband started, where the secular forum began a campaign calling for a halt to the government’s financial support for the Bnei David institutions.”

With the campaign’s rise, they claim that “these are just a few recent examples of a well-orchestrated struggle being waged against religious Zionism as a whole.”

According to sources in the organization, it is time to stop looking at the blow to religious Zionism and start to wake up: “The New Israel Fund has set itself the goal of eliminating the pillars of religious Zionism and we must put an end to this once and for all. We must be careful that the NIF and its various organizations do not destroy the blessed work of the religious Zionist institutions over the years. ”

In addition, the Chotam organization has prepared a booklet detailing how the NIF operates in an organized manner against religious Zionism and its representatives.

In a conversation with the Srugim website, the New Israel Fund said in response: “The Chotam organization aspires to a halachic state and represents a small and extreme group in religious society. The campaign oozes hatred and uses images that call for violence, reminiscent of other periods. The New Israel Fund will continue to support the struggle against religious coercion and freedom of religion and the promotion of pluralism and tolerance that are essential for a Jewish and democratic state.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Most of the DL found this hardly much of a surprise,though now it is out in the open
    Some of DL are smugly satisfied with this and at most give a smirk and that should be a concern