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Body of a Young Man Recovered from the Kinneret by Rescue Teams

Farris Kamel Nassr, 22, from the Galil community of Arabah, disappeared in the Kinneret on Saturday, leading to marine units and other rescue personnel searching for him. That search later turned into a recovery mission.

According to a northern district Israel Police spokesperson, the body of Farris was found on Monday morning, 18 Menachem Av. The family was notified, and they have positively identified the body of their son.

On Shabbos, at about 7:00PM, police received a call for three Israelis from the Galil village who were taken out by the current, about 150-200 meters from shore, atop a water mattress. One of the three were rescued and the second made it on his own, arriving exhausted; having used his survival abilities to make the swim. The third young man disappeared however. A search for him was immediately launched, involving police and rescue personnel, along with many volunteers. Aerial units were also involved, hoping to see something from above.

The body of the young man was discovered on Monday morning at about 6:00AM, in the water.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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