Fire in Moshav Agur in a Building Containing Asbestos [PHOTOS]


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A fire broke out in a residential building that once served as a chicken coop in the moshav of Agur on Tuesday night.

The firefighters from Beit Shemesh stations under the command of Moshe Biton arrived at the scene, a force of four teams, which began firefighting operations including a sweep of the area for persons trapped inside and preventing the spread of the blaze to nearby buildings.

During the fire, the roof of the asbestos cement building collapsed, and a command post was set up. It was decided to enclose the area of the fire and prevent people from entering the area until the asbestos was removed.

During the search of the burning building, the family dog was found trapped in the flames and hiding in the corner of the house where the fire did not reach, the firefighters rescued the dog in good condition and transferred it to the family.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem / Photo Credit: חדשות רוטר /אודי גל-דובר כב”ה מחוז י-ם)