Firebomb Hurled At Mispallalim Visiting Kever Yosef During The Night


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Approximately 750 mispallalim were escorted into PA (Palestine Authority) occupied Shechem during the night of 17 Elul (Monday to Tuesday), under the watchful eye of IDF soldiers. As mispallalim were at the tziyun, Arabs hurled firebombs at the soldiers, who were standing at the entrance to the tziyun.

Soldiers detected an Arab vehicle slowly moving towards them, opening fire at the vehicle. There are no injuries reported among security forces. The IDF Spokesman Unit report states there are no reports of injuries to any PA (Palestine Authority) residents as a result of the soldier’s gunfire.

Soldiers involved in counter-terrorism operations during the night found weapons and ammunition in a PA village in the Yehuda District, including a pistol and bullets. In addition, they found an apparatus to manufacture weapons in the Ephraim District.

Working with border police and Shin Bet agents, eight PA residents suspected of involvement in acts of terrorism and/or violent confrontations with IDF soldiers were taken into custody and turned over to the Shin Bet for interrogation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)