Stone Throwing Terror Continues to Hit Israel Hard


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While the government has attained a cold ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza for the time being, the situation in Judea and Samaria has not cooled. Over the course of Tuesday evening, three separate incidents occurred in which terrorists threw rocks at Israeli vehicles endangering Israeli families traveling along the roads affected.

Large stones struck a bus that was traveling on Highway 60 near the Okafim junction between Gush Etzion and Hebron. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in the incident.

Shortly after nightfall, a driver arrived at the gate of Tekoa, a Jewish town in east-Gush Etzion with a mild head injury, after his car was struck by stones thrown by terrorists on the highway leading to the town. The man was treated at the scene by emergency medical teams in the area.

Just east of the city of Modi’in near the Maccabim checkpoint, a barrage of stones were hurled at Jewish cars that were heading to the checkpoint. The Highway Command Center said that it was a miracle that no injuries were reported.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)