Shin Bet Uncovers Extensive Hamas Network In Hebron


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The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency/ISA) – with the assistance of the IDF and the Israel Police – has, in recent weeks, uncovered an extensive Hamas network in Hebron, which included several women who operated in secret at the behest of Hamas command centers abroad and in Gaza.

The network was used to transfer messages and instructions, transfer funds to finance terrorist operations and coordinate operations with Hamas command centers.

The ISA investigation has revealed that the network promoted Hamas activity in Hebron including the recruitment of operatives, coordinating activity at mosques, preaching and increasing support, disseminating online information and incitement, and assisting the families of prisoners. The network also tried to take control of municipal activities in Hebron and manage the activities of charitable institutions in the city.

The network was led by Nazar Shehada and Faris Abu Serah, well-known senior Hamas operatives who served various prison sentences for Hamas activities. They used several women who established a central committee to serve as the command center’s operational arm.

The committee was led by Dina Karmi, widow of Nashaat Karmi, the terrorist who perpetrated a 2010 attack in which four civilians were murdered, and who was killed in an exchange of fire with security forces.

Abu Serah and Shehada operated behind the scenes and issued instructions to the women on carrying out operations in the field. Over the years the committee expanded its operations by enlisting dozens of recruits for Hamas activity and established numerous sub-committees.

In the framework of the foregoing, several female operatives were sent to meet with Hamas command personnel, Shalit deal deportees, led by Haroun Nasser E-Din in Turkey, in order to receive funds for terrorism, messages and instructions.

Severe indictments were filed recently in Judea Military Court against various network members including Faris Abu Serah, Dina Karmi and several additional female operatives who worked for the network, on charges including membership, and having a position of responsibility, in a banned organization.

Exposure of the network proves again that Hamas command centers abroad and in Gaza, are utilizing all means at their disposal, including the use of women, to direct Hamas operations in Yehuda and Shomron.

The aforesaid elements are working tirelessly to promote Hamas operations in Yehuda and Shomron and, to this end, are recruiting couriers for contact between Judea and Samaria and abroad, in order to transfer funds for terrorism and messages for field operatives.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)