TRAGEDY: Son of Israeli ZAKA Volunteer R”L Killed While on Vacation With Wife in Thailand


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The report of the fatal accident in northern Thailand was received in the ZAKA command center in Israel at 8:00AM on Thursday morning, 19 Elul.

A newly married couple were walking on a sidewalk when a drunk driver lost control and struck Yedidya Kellerman Z”L, 25, the son of a ZAKA volunteer. He was R”L pronounced dead on the scene. The fatal accident occurred in Pai, a town in Mae Hong Soon Province in northern Thailand.

ZAKA is working with the Israel Foreign Ministry and Chabad shluchim in Thailand to expedite bringing the body home for kvuras yisrael.

In the accompanying video, we see Chaim Weingarten, ZAKA Chief of Operations, describing the chain of events.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. To tschoumi

    Shame on you for your insensitive comment blaming the victim. As we saw from all the tragedies of this past summer, many happened right in the bungalow colonies. Should people stay in the hot city all summer?