Friend of Chosson Carries Measels to a Wedding in Beit Shemesh – Hundreds at Risk of Contagious Infection


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Hundreds of Charedim who attended a wedding on Wednesday night in Beit Shemesh, have received phone calls alerting them that they may have contracted the Measles at the wedding.

According toKikar Shabbos, the guests who attended the Lindenfeld and Frierman wedding in the Astriker Hall may have come in contact with someone who was diagnosed with the disease.

According to the alert spread among the guests, a 20-year-old friend of the Chosson, was diagnosed with the Measles after one of the tests that he took at his own medical check-up  came back showing that he was infected with the disease and that he was infectious. He received the tests on thursday, the day after the wedding.

The boy told the relevant authorities and family of the Chosson that he attended the wedding and that he had come into contact with a lot of the people there. The health ministry mandates that all children who are born after 1977 received inoculations against the disease. But the Ministry issued a directive that all attendees born between 1958 and 1977 need to rush urgently to their health care providers and get inoculated.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Baruch Hashem that He instilled the scientific ability for the medical world to create vaccinations to treat and cure measles. O wait a minute…….. I guess several will stubbornly choose to remain ill and possibly choose a fatal decision.

  2. This is not an issue of Daas Torah. It is about science,immunology, and the lack of science and empirical evidence surrounding the safety of vaccines. The vaccine injury awareness community has been demanding an end to mandatory vaccination, until a comprehensive,definitive, long term, all health outcome study comparing unvaccinated children and adults to vaccinated children and adults is done. The study should utilize real inert placebos, and real controls that are completely unvaccinated. This kind of study has never been done. The few small scale studies that have been done demonstrate that there is a very real safety problem with our current vaccine program in the US and Globally. The CDC may be able to retroactively create such a study using the Vaccine safety data link, but they have refused, and have transferred that data to a private corporation in order to prevent Foia requests and restrict access to that data to independent researchers.

  3. flatbushantivaxxer ,
    Then kindly explain how smallpox & polio ( just to mention 2 ) were virtually eradicated by vaccination.
    Maybe you’re too young to know & understand the Polio Scare during the ’50s and early ’60s.
    I know of several , now mature adults, former yeshiva kids, who caught it before the vaccinations were done EVEN in yeshiva lunchrooms by itinerant doctors and nurses.

  4. Since I get censored a lot on this site I will try to be brief so lets just focus on Smallpox which is the only disease in history to have been eradicated. Unweaponized Smallpox was able to be eradicated because it is not transmitted until the pustules appear by which time the patient is so sick that are already confined to bed. Therefore it was relatively simple to employ isolation, and quarantine, measures to prevent transmission. It was this precise strategy that was used successfully in Leicester, England and later in Africa. In the wake of the 9/11and Anthrax attacks when there was grave concern of Smallpox being used as a bio weapon, there was planning to vaccinate millions of people against smallpox. The experts concluded that the due to poor safety profile of the smallpox vaccine it was not a good idea and the plans were scrapped.